Gender Balance Formula


Everyone has both feminine and masculine energies within. A truly mature soul has balanced both sides of the gender equation, and is comfortable with both energies. This formula helps you understand how to balance yours.

While some people are exploring their gender reality, sexual identity and orientation, everyone has a challenge to balance both sides of their masculine and feminine nature.

Exploration does not lead to changing who you are; it helps you understand and more fully embrace ALL of who you are, rather than try to push away traits and characteristics you (or others) deem "unacceptable."

Society can be cruel, when it comes to expectations about gender roles.  But conforming to what anyone else wants or expects of you is not a path to inner peace, fulfillment or happiness.  It's a path to disaster, in many cases.

Dare to be fully human -- which means standing in the full power of both your masculine and feminine natures.  This formula gives you the patterns you need, to release any judgments or beliefs about what it means to be fully human, and to celebrate that with ease and equanimity.

Most of us don't require a sex change to be comfortable in our own bodies, regardless of our gender at birth.  Mostly we just need to understand that we are neither 100% male nor 100% female, no matter what our genes say; we are a fine balance of both.

It's time we accept this truth and celebrate wholeness, for our own sake and for the sake of those who struggle with this issue.  This formula also helps us accept those who are different from us, with a deeper understanding that we are all on a journey towards wholeness -- some of us further along than others.  Perhaps we can be a little kinder towards those who are further behind or ahead.

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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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