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1 hour phone or zoom flower essence consultation + 1 bottle of custom blended flower essences

What is a flower essence consultation like?

Before you set an appointment for a private consultation, here's what you should know.

1) All consultations are virtual (either by phone or zoom); they are private and confidential and can be (at your request) recorded and sent to you afterwards. You can be anywhere in the world.  I have had consultations from people in many different countries and continents.  The only thing we need to do is establish a mutually convenient time to talk.

2)  The initial consultation takes about an hour.  Reserve this amount of time so we can cover everything we need.  During this hour we will discuss what's happening with you in the four main areas of your life:

-- physical
-- mental
-- emotional
-- spiritual

Each of these areas make you what you are.  Anything that is keeping you from being LESS than who you are or want to be can be changed with the help of the flowers.  I will ask questions about each of these areas, to discover how it all fits together -- and ultimately to have enough information that I know which flowers to choose that best match what you are calling for in your life at this time.

3) The careful listening is in itself healing.  Many people do not have anyone in their world who simply listens to them, with no agenda or judgment of any kind.  I have had clients tell me "Can I just pay you to listen to me for an hour?  No one has done that for me before and I LIKE IT!"  The flowers are a bonus to this -- because whatever needs to be expressed has already been done, and now the healing work begins in partnership with Nature, through the flowers.

4)  Your initial investment covers both my time as well as your first round of essences, which can take up to three days or more to prepare.  Your investment pays for more than just the time during your session, but also my time in meditating with Nature and the flower devas about your issues, selecting the right flowers, and preparing and shipping your custom blend.

5)  After your initial consultation, it takes a few days for me to sit with the flower essence devas, to meditate on what you want, and to find the perfect flowers for your "custom bouquet.

On occasion I may need to order a rare flower that I don't currently have in stock.  That has happened a few times but because I always stock a large number of flowers (over 2500 currently) we don't often need to get new ones.  If it takes longer than a week I will let you know, so you'll know when to expect your custom blend.

I will ship via USPS Priority Mail unless you specify otherwise, and send you the tracking number once it's sent.

6)  When you begin taking the flower essences, several things will happen.  At some point (and I cannot know in advance when this point will be for you) you will notice subtle changes with regard to the issue/s for which you're taking the essences.  For some people, it's immediate; for others it's around a week, normally within 7-10 days.

I've had a few situations where the person did not notice anything for several months -- but both of those were situations where they were taking flower essences to heal depression, they'd been depressed for many years, were under a medical doctor's care (which I require for certain conditions like depression) and taking pharmaceutical medications for depression.

Sometimes, with a very deep and long-standing problem like this, it can take a while for the electrical circuits to normalize.  The longer the situation or issue has been with you, the longer it can take for your circuits to heal.  On the other hand, you CAN experience some relief quickly, depending on how sensitive you are and how consciously you work with your problems and healing.

Bottom line?  We don't know how long it will take YOU to notice your changes.  But we will find out!

7)  You will be heard deeply and responded to with respect and privacy.  You will get natural healing products that can create lasting, positive change without causing harm.

8)  When should you ask for a custom blend?  If you do not find a good fit among any of the products in our catalog, or if your situation is unique with a variety of issues to solve, a private consultation to create a custom blend is the best way to go to assure you get exactly what you need.  I specialize in creating custom blends for people and their pets!  And I welcome you to discover how flower essences can change your life for the better, faster than you imagine they could.

1 review for Full consultation

  1. Nancy Boyd

    “Your words came right to my heart. I am very thankful to you because you gave me strength and hope inside. You shared your wisdom with me from your gentle soul and offered great thoughts. I feel what you wanted me to do so that darkness is banished from me. I am so fortunate that you personally helped me to cross over from that dark place, even from the physical distance between us. I am so happy that you are making the custom formulas for me so that I can get over these things we discussed.” Tomoko Yoshino

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