Feral Cat Calm


Provides feral cats the support they need when you are trying to tame or protect them from harsh outside environments; let them learn to trust you so you can help them.  Works for individual cats or colonies.

Feral cats can become quite a problem, if they are allowed to breed and multiply.  For one thing, because they are not being treated for diseases, they can become ill and sometimes spread their illness to other domestic animals.  Their waste can contaminate the areas where they live.  And certainly they tend to suffer from malnutrition and other lack of care.

Many communities have TNR programs in place (trap, neuter and release) -- during which the cats can also be vaccinated for the most serious diseases to which they are exposed.  These initiatives also help to reduce the feral cat population gradually, so that they can be humanely supported over time.

One way the problem of feral cats can be addressed is through attempting to tame and capture them.  This is a daunting (and not always successful) effort.

I've had the privilege to tame and foster several feral cats, so I know first-hand how challenging it can be. It requires almost super-human patience, for one thing -- and an open mind and heart.

Feral cats are basically wild animals.  They need to have a reason to trust you -- and once you've earned their trust, you owe it to them to treat them with respect and kindness, whatever you do.

If you're brave enough to embark upon this journey, I salute and admire you.  Thank you.  And. . . I highly recommend you start using Feral Cat Calm with the feral cats you work with.  Put the drops into their water bowls each time you refresh their water.  And use kindness, creativity, and patience until you make a true connection.

May the flowers show feral cats how to trust someone worthy of their trust and prepare for a new adventure with human partners.

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