ETS+ for Humans


Reset your trauma circuits when they have been triggered by ANYTHING. This formula is what you need for ALL emergencies, of all kinds. Must-have!

If your trauma circuits get triggered -- which can happen in any of thousands of ways, from a hangnail to sudden news of a death or tragedy, or from an accident -- it's important to quickly and easily "reset" your trauma circuits to normal so that you can deal with whatever happened without the added layers of shock or feeling (or being) traumatized, or in a panic state.

We all know what bad news feels like.  It's awful.  And it happens way too often for most people.  But now there's real relief.

ETS+ (Emergency Trauma Solutions) immediately resets your trauma circuits to normal when they get triggered.  This special flower essence formula is safe even for newborns or people on medications and (like all flower essences) does not interfere with any dietary or other therapeutic restrictions.

In addition to handling the panic attacks you get when your trauma circuits are triggered ETS+ can also help  you recover faster from wounds, sunburn or exhaustion.  It's great for all the little seasonal injustices we inflict on ourselves, from too much of ANY thing -- from bug bites to dehydration and all kinds of stresses we face from storms to traffic jams.  You name the trauma and ETS+ has you covered.

I often put a drop of ETS+ on my paper cuts and watch them practically disappear in front of my eyes, along with an immediate relief from the pain -- then put a dropperful into my mouth and take that deep breath that puts me right with the world again.  I also put it on my cuts, scrapes and bruises, as well as take it internally, when there's need.

ETS+ comes in a human version of this formula and a matching one just for animals.

One time when our dog suddenly developed an aggressive staph infection (not MRSI thank goodness but still deadly) and had to have emergency surgery to have the area excised, I took a bottle of ETS+ for animals to the vet.  They knew what it was and said they would give it to her along with her other regular meds.  So even a very traditional veterinary hospital knows about ETS+ -- and uses it at the owner's requests.  (We sure DID want her to have it!)  And her recovery was very good.

Not only do I have excellent personal results using ETS+ but so do all my clients, family and friends.  We keep a bottle everywhere -- bathroom cabinet, car, purse, office -- everywhere.  Because these days -- you just never know.  It stops shock in its tracks.

Get stocked up on ETS+ for you and your family now.  It can save your life, or the life of someone you love.


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15 ml, 60 ml/2 oz


Vinegar, Brandy


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