Digestive Relief


For relief from gastrointestinal issues; works for humans too.

Digestive Relief is one of our most popular (and effective) flower essence formulas, for all issues pertaining to digestion.  It works fast and thoroughly to heal whatever is going on with the digestive tract and its processes, from absorption of nutrients to elimination.

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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz

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  1. Nancy Boyd

    This dog in this testimonial was suffering from acute diarrhea and weight loss. She had been tested for everything imaginable, with no medical cause found and nothing prescribed by the vet provided relief. The kennel managers were desperate. Here’s what happened when they gave the dog our Digestive Relief Formula.

    “WOW tells it all. By day 4 the dog’s stools started to firm up. Occasionally she will have a soft stool but no diarrhea in her kennel at all. She holds it until she gets out. We are all blown away by what this formula has done for this dog. She is putting on weight slowly but surely.” — Large dog rescue program operator

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