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You can find relief from depression without pharmaceuticals. This formula does not interfere with any medication but if you’re on prescription meds please work with your doctor to adjust your dose as needed.

A few decades ago I participated in a longitudinal study conducted by the Flower Essence Society.  Practitioners from all over the world conducted studies with their own clients using the identical guidelines provided by the FES.

In my own study there were eight clients, each of whom tested between moderate to severely depressed on the Beck Scale at the start of the study.  After a thorough interview according to the guidelines, each client was given the same flower essences (that are now in my Depression Relief Formula.)

Every client in my study found relief through the flower essence formula. The client whose depression had been a problem the longest took eight months to resolve; she was able to stop taking antidepressants under the close supervision of her doctor.  Three clients whose depression was in the moderate range were also able to stop taking antidepressants within 5 months.  One client whose depression was situational and fairly recent (and not taking antidepressants) was symptom free in 3 months.  The remaining clients reported being symptom free within 4 months' time.  All except one remain symptom free (and in this case the client feels she "got what she came for" by virtue of understanding what was causing the depression, so that she could make some informed choices about what to do with it.)

At the end of my portion of the study, all my clients' test results were either no longer in the depressed range, or nearly clear.

The Flower Essence Society's study was conclusively positive; all participating practitioners reported overwhelming success.  A small number of clients still reported symptoms but the severity was dramatically less than before the study began, proving that flower essences work to heal depression naturally.

If you or someone you love suffers from depression and want an alternative to medication, please give flower essences a try.   If you are already taking medication, you must work with your doctor to adjust the dose or taper off under supervision; this is not something we are qualified to do for you.

Please note that flower essences will not interfere with any diet or medication you may be taking, but we do caution you not to stop taking ANY medication without the knowledge and supervision of your medical doctor.  To do so would be irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

Ask your doctor for advice about how best to proceed, but be aware that many medical doctors do not understand how flower essences work and may not be supportive of you taking them instead of pharmaceutical medicine.  That said, you do have the right to request assistance to taper off any medication, with medical supervision to make sure you are doing well.

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