Claustrophobia Relief For Animals


Fear of confinement? Fear of closed spaces? Fear of being trapped? This formula relieves those fears and helps your pet feel safe and protected even if it has to be confined.

When you need to confine your dog, cat, or rabbit because of illness, injury, or just for its own safety occasionally, unless the animal has already been accustomed to being crated it can panic at being confined.

If you've ever seen a cat holding onto the sides of a crate door with its paws rigid, refusing to go in, you know what I mean here!

Fortunately there is an easy way to get your animal used to being confined or crated should it ever become necessary.

First of all, when your pet is a puppy or kitten you can get them used to being in a crate by leaving it in their living space with the top off or the door open.  Put some toys or treats inside and let them explore out of curiosity; most of them will just because young critters ARE curious about their surroundings and like to entertain themselves with what's there.  In a short time, the crate will become just a normal thing in their world and not scary at all.

However, if they are an adult animal and are still frightened about being confined you can give them flower essences, which are a safe, natural way to help them feel comfortable in a crate or being confined.

The Claustrophobia Relief Formula was created just for situations where being confined is still scary.  (By the way, this formula works for people and children with the same issue, even though of course we're not talking about putting people in cages -- some people do have issues with closed spaces or confinement, and this is the formula they need.)

When an animal is sick or injured, healing is a hard enough job that they shouldn't have to deal with the additional stress of feeling claustrophobic on top of it.  What this formula does is to make the confinement a normal, matter-of-fact situation rather than something scary to avoid.

With the help of the flowers, your animal companion can deal with what's happening and let healing take place without the added stress of feeling terrified -- rather, to feel safe and snug in their crate so they can get the rest they need while they recover.

This formula can be an invaluable aid for recovery, calmness and stress reduction -- for you AND your pet.


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