Bully Busters


Stop bullying behavior by addressing the underlying causes (fear, prejudice, anger, and other issues causing someone to act out inappropriately against another person). This formula helps interrupt impulsive habits and bad judgment.

Bully Busters offers new patterns of behavior for impulse control, outbursts, and anger management for people who have trouble with those issues.

Bullies basically act out of fear and a deep-seated sense of insecurity, triggered by surface issues and sometimes appearances.  Bullies try to protect what feels vulnerable to them.

Aggressive behavior can make the bully temporarily feel more power and therefore less afraid; but they'd be the first to insist they're not afraid at all.  They are not in touch with their unconscious drives, which is where the flowers can help.

The flowers know how to stop automatic reflexive behaviors into a different and shift them into a more healthy pattern.  When there's less fear, there's less need for aggression and bullying behavior.  Let the flowers turn a bully into someone capable of functioning without the need to become aggressive.

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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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