The Bright Wings Flower Essence


The deeper dimension that the Bright Wings Aesclepius offers is one of joyful expansion from any limiting beliefs into the opening of doorway after doorway of possibility, increasing awareness of the abundant nature of the co-creative Universe that is inherently yours always. I am so pleased and proud to offer this new essence, as the Bright Wings signature essence for empowerment!

This essence is the very first flower essence I made personally. It took several years to manifest, and the help of some very kind friends whose garden hosted the plants for me under their capable care.

From the time I knew that there was such a thing as a Bright Wings Aesclepius, I knew I needed to make an essence from it -- and that it would become my "signature" essence for my flower essence practice -- because what it does is what my company, Bright Wings, is all about: EMPOWERMENT!

Here is the description of the Bright Wings Aesclepius:

(Quoting from Molly Sheehan of Green Hope Farms, about the Aesclepius flower essence) "Aesclepius is a dynamo of support for creativity and healing. Its gifts help us disconnect ourselves from any limiting ideas so that we more completely understand our immense creative capacities, skills, and powers. Aesclepius takes us across limiting thresholds to a new understanding of ourselves and our talents. In the realms of partnerships, Aesclepius helps us flower with greater freedom and exuberance, supporting us to reconfiguring dynamics in unexpectedly vibrant new ways."

I am unlimited creativity at one with my creator. All my creative endeavors reflect this divine truth.


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