Bone Heal Formula


This formula gives your body the patterns it needs to knit together breaks in any bone and speed recovery time.

While I've known about a group of flowers whose purpose it is to heal bones, it wasn't until a friend of mine (an alternative healer) broke her ankle and wanted to know if there are any flowers that can help, that I actually made the Bone Heal Formula, which not only heals broken bones but also helps heal "bone bruises" too (which can be nearly as painful as when they're broken.)

The Bone Heal Flower Essence Formula knows just which bio-electrical circuits to connect, to get the bone (or bones, in the case of plural breaks) to knit together as good as new.

What the Bone Heal Formula does:

-- Helps reduce pain and swelling around the damaged area so that tissues can release the trauma
-- Gives your body the pattern for how to knit together broken bones; your body may not automatically "call up" that pattern since it's not often needed.  The formula gives it to your system, so that it has access to the information it needs faster and more clearly.
-- Speeds the process for bone healing.
-- Supports your mental and emotional recovery and helps you deal with the impatience of waiting while your body does what it needs; it keeps you from wanting to prematurely stress the area that needs healing until it's strong and whole again.  In other words, it helps you realize what you have to do while you allow the bones to heal completely.

This formula works for ALL kinds of bone breaks, from stress and hairline fractures to complete breaks with lots of tissue trauma.

It's safe for babies, seniors and pets too.

If your health practitioner is into integrative or functional medicine you can request that this formula be applied to the skin around the broken bone area before a cast is applied; topical application is great if your doctor will approve it for you.

In addition to topical application, you should take the drops internally as well, so that the new bone healing patterns will be in your bio-electrical system.

When a bone breaks, get the Bone Heal Flower Essence Formula started right away and watch your body heal faster than you thought possible.  Isn't it wonderful what the flowers can do for us?

The flowers in this formula have just one purpose:  to heal broken bones. The energy goes directly to the affected area and does its work speedily and efficiently.  All you need to do is follow your doctor's instructions about how to care for it (whether or not a cast has been provided; in most cases it will be.)

Keep providing the flower essences until the break is well healed and your doctor gives you the go-ahead to resume normal activities.  The flower essences will often speed recovery to a remarkable degree; don't be surprised if your doctor is amazed at the recovery time.

However, a word of caution here.  Don't rush the healing process; let the bones heal completely before stressing them again.  For instance, you can test out your leg or ankle, but don't go on a 4-mile hike without your crutches until your doctor has given you clearance to do so!

Your body will know how to accelerate the healing process for you and get you back to a healthy state more rapidly than you would without the new patterns in place.  Just be sensible about your recovery.

Oh, and it would be a great idea for you to take the ETS+ formula (Emergency Trauma Solution) as soon after your accident as possible; this will reduce the shock your body feels from the trauma.


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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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