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Seizures in animals is something flower essences can address effectively, since it concerns erratic or malfunctioning energy patterns. This formula helps the electrical circuits function the way they should, without drugs or chemicals.

Cats and dogs with seizure disorders give their owners much stress.  If you are lucky enough to find a holistic veterinarian (one who practices integrative medicine and includes nutrition, homeopathy and naturopathic treatments) you will find less stressful (and often more effective) ways to address the problem of your pet's seizure disorders.

Whether or not your vet can work with you to find a natural treatment, new help is here.  If your cat or dog has seizures you know how scary that can be:  the animal appears to be in extreme distress, often losing continence and/or consciousness.  You may be worried that it's going to die.

The standard (traditional) veterinary treatment is usually a type of phenobarbitol  -- the same kind of thing doctors give to humans suffering from seizures.  You can research online for the treatments that are generally given by veterinarians for animal seizures, but you should also know that there are safe alternatives that can provide relief without the side effects that drugs have.

Here's how I came to be involved, and how this formula was created.  A client came to me about her cat that had been having seizures, and wondered if I have any flower essences that could help.  At the time, I wasn't sure -- and told her I would do some research and find out.

What I discovered was encouraging, so I made a custom blended formula and asked her to try it out and see if it helped.

When the formula arrived, it was in the nick of time.  Her cat had just had two major seizures, each worse than the last, one just as the package arrived.  As soon as she could, my client opened the package and put some drops on the cat's lips.  Her cat promptly calmed right down and went to sleep -- which was a really good sign.

She started giving her cat the new flower essence formula (which we decided to call Balance Me) several times a day, and immediately noticed that the seizures stopped happening as frequently and were becoming less severe each time.

She kept veterinary medication on hand in case it's needed in future, but it looks like flower essences are giving this cat exactly what it needs to balance its electrical circuits and reduce the effects of its seizures.  The cat (and my client) are much happier.

This is great news for pet owners stressed out by their cat or dog's seizure episodes. Those can make you feel helpless.   If you have a cat or dog that has been having seizures (which these days tend to be increasing in a few breeds) and if you'd like to try a natural remedy that has no side effects) then you might want to try Balance Me formula.

How Balance Me helps your cat or dog with its seizure disorders:

-- The Balance Me formula connects the circuits that governs healthy brain function and synapses, and helps to prevent "circuit overload".  This formula serves as an extra "circuit breaker" so that the bio-electrical flow of energy to and from the brain can stay stable and not misfire, as it does when there is a seizure disorder.

-- Balance Me redirects sudden energy peaks and bursts that might contribute to a build-up of energy in any one area of the brain or circuits that govern motor skills and coordination.

-- Balance Me helps the energy remain constant and stable, rather than have either sudden overloads or depletion.  This helps the system not to have to have a seizure; it can handle what's happening more efficiently.

The customers who are using this formula are reporting several interesting and encouraging changes in their animals:

-- The cats are more relaxed overall.  They don't appear so anxious.
-- One of the cats has stopped crying out.  He was "yelling" a lot previously before we gave him Balance Me, perhaps because he felt in distress.  He's stopped doing that.
-- The number and severity of seizures is markedly decreased.  One of the cats is no longer shaking at all and he has had NO seizures since he started the formula.  The other cat is having fewer and less frequent and severe episodes.
-- The dog who had been taking medications was able to stop after he started taking Balance Me; his seizures have stopped completely since being on this formula.

We are very pleased by these results; however, we do encourage all pet owners whose animals have been suffering from a seizure disorder to routinely let their vet examine them, to make sure nothing is overlooked.  There can be many causes for seizures, and some of them may require additional kinds of treatment.  Don't assume anything ~ get it checked thoroughly, even if Balance Me is helping.

In fact, please make sure your animals see the vet when anything unusual happens.  At the very least call your veterinarian and ask if you need to take them in to be seen for an exam.

Flower essences are NOT meant to replace medical care for either people or animals; they are complementary to -- and supportive of -- the healing process. It works best when you have the benefit of ALL the resources available for your animal.


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