Attract New Love


Learn how to attract new love into your life by becoming more loveable and ready to take all the steps necessary to attract someone special.

Attracting new love can sometimes mean that you first need to make peace with your past.  Don't carry "baggage" into a new relationship; deal with anything unfinished first and be ready to make a fresh new start.  If you know you have "unfinished business" with previous partners or relationships, it will be helpful for you to take care of that first before looking for someone new.  Healing Past Relationships Formula and or the Forgiveness Formula will help you clear up anything left over from previous relationships, so that you are truly ready emotionally for a new one.

You will know when you've done the work of healing the past when you're truly comfortable being alone.  You'll be very present, and learning to be happy with yourself, so that you can meet a new person without being needy or dependent on someone else's energy.

When you are enjoying life as a single person, that is when you are most likely to meet someone with whom you can form a true partnership.  Let the flowers show you how to make yourself ready for this to happen.

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