Animal OCD Stop


When your animal companion can’t stop obsessing about something (or is showing obsessive behavior) you need this formula to turn it around.

Is your dog obsessively licking its paws, or scratching?  Is your cat or kitten fixated on clawing the sofa despite everything you can do to stop it?  Is your dog destroying the yard by its incessant digging of holes?

Animal OCD Stop is the formula that changes things for your pet, when there isn't a medical condition causing the behavior.

For licking and scratching, you'd first want to make sure the animal does not have fleas, and check its diet to make sure your pet is not allergic to its food or shampoo.

For cats scratching where you don't want them to, often this formula combined with a new scratching post (maybe "charged up" with a little catnip to entice) will do the trick; we suggest both together for best results.

For all other behaviors not cause by a medical problem, flower essences give them new patterns so they can redirect their impulses and learn to use their energy in other ways that work for everyone.

Make sure they get plenty of exercise and have toys they love, so that they can play happily and have fun with you and your family.

Keep giving them the flower essences until they no longer need them.


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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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