Allergy Relief


Provides energetic support for relief from all kinds of allergies and allergic reactions, helping to ease seasonal or situational symptoms. NOT a replacement for medically necessary medications but rather a support for their efficacy.

NOTE:  We offer a choice of preservative, in case you are allergic to alcohol or red shiso/vinegar:

-- red shiso in a white vinegar base (our usual preservative unless specified otherwise; we prefer it because it holds the patterns very stably in our formulas)
-- brandy
-- white vinegar
-- vegetable glycerine (the one we use is made from coconuts)

Apart from the preservative, there is NOTHING in our formulas that could cause an allergic reaction since there are no plant parts in any of them.   These are not herbal tinctures. The formulas ONLY contain the bio-energetic patterns of flowers infused into water, not any of their actual physical components of the plants themselves. 

To be clear, every formula contains ONLY spring water, flower essences, and a preservative (from among those listed above; it will be red shiso by default unless you choose otherwise and let us know before we prepare it for you.)

If you have allergies, you will be safe with flower essences because they contain nothing which could trigger you (apart from a preservative --  and for that, you can choose one that you know is safe for you.)

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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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