Abundo Formula


Lead an authentic life and prosper as a result. These flowers offer you the patterns you need, to understand how.

Abundo is a brand new essence for anyone who wishes to lead authentic lives and prosper as a result.  Here are the blessings it offers you:

-- Ability to easily and naturally co-create from the deepest/highest part of you.
-- Manifest prosperity through BEING authentic and through attracting those who want what we make/do/offer
-- Generate and open-heartedly receive love in its purest form and welcome it into your own heart
-- Dissolve resistance, doubt and fear that may hinder success; fosters confidence and release of negativity and negative patterns of thinking
-- Promote wellness, vitality and perfect healing for a sound body, mind and soul

Abundo gives you the patterns to:

-- let go of resistance to doing what you need to do about abundance in your life
-- stop procrastinating and get on with it
-- know how to recognize opportunities when they appear (and discern between "glitter" and real substance that is aligned with your purpose)
-- let go of your fears and replace them with confidence and self-worth
-- take effective action to empower yourself and start attracting more of what you want (and less of what you don't want)

Teams who have taken Abundo report they have:

-- realized why they had been procrastinating about important tasks, and took action on what they needed to do about it
-- suddenly got a new job with better pay
-- got clarity about what needs to happen to create new programs perfectly aligned with their work
-- organized new home office space for efficient work and productive use of time

Noteably, ALL of the above events that were reports are situations with which they had been struggling for months and sometimes years; their breakthroughs happened within the span of 2-3 WEEKS.  Dramatic results indeed.

While we cannot promise specific results for individuals, we CAN report the results of people who have taken this formula, all of which were amazing to them.  We feel confident that it can produce good results for anyone who takes it.

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30 ml/1 oz, 60 ml/2 oz


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