Abandonment and Abuse Relief


Animals who have been rescued from abuse and abandonment but still bear emotional scars from their experiences need special attention to heal their behavioral issues including terror of being handled, loner behavior and other socialization issues, depression, odd phobias, cringing and hiding. Give them the support they need, to start a new happier life with care and love.

Often, animals who have been abandoned or abused have a hard time trusting humans again.  They need special care, and trust has to be earned.

Flower essences make this process easier, especially when you are consistently kind, loving, attentive and steady in your care.

All creatures respond to kindness.  Give your rescued animals a chance to recover from whatever has happened to them before they came into your home.  Their circumstances may have been harsh (at the least) or filled with horrors (at the worst.)

They may be grieving and in emotional pain.  Don't expect them to run towards you with glee until they have had a chance to heal from their past trauma, learn new ways to relate, and understand clearly what is expected of them in their new home.

Your home may be very different from what they were used to.  Let them explore at their own pace and don't assume that what is familiar and ordinary to you is the same for them.  Noises such as can openers, toasters, vacuum cleaners and washing machines may be totally new and sometimes scary; give them time to get used to the new sounds and smells.

And give them time to adapt to receiving positive attention; they might not be accustomed to being the focus of attention, and not know what to do with it. Be understanding and forgiving while they learn.

Abandonment and Abuse Relief will help them heal from their past, whatever it might have been.  I suggest you also use the Adapting to Change Formula in addition, so that they can more easily adapt to their new living conditions and "get with the program."

Have fun!  Saving the life of a worthy animal is a rewarding journey.

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