In yesterday’s post, I outlined what you need to explain to your visitors, so that they know who to send to you — and why.

So now it’s my turn.  I already told you what I do, so now let me say a few words about who I serve and how I can help.  I’ll make it as easy as I can, considering my quirky company.


  • I work with people who are Indigo/Star Seed teens, adults, or parents, to support their full expression of Light and purpose in a world that doesn’t yet welcome or understand them. I am both their Sacred Witness and their reminder of who they came here to become.  sometimes, all it takes is someone you truly “gets” you — to give you the courage to be who you are and do what you want to do. Joyfully.  Eagerly.  As if it were natural.  Because it is.
  • I work with green business owners (or people who want to start one) to set up the right structures and systems so they can bring their dreams to Life and start living them instead of just wishing and hoping.
  • I work with creative people of all ages and walks of life, to help them bring their magnificent creations into form and get paid nicely for it — so that what they love doing also feeds them.


  • People who want clear, clean spaces
  • People who travel a lot
  • People who want a thoughtful yet unusual gift for a special occasion
  • Healers, therapists, bodyworkers, yoga practitioners, Reiki practitioners, meditators, dance studios, martial artists


  • People who want a safe, affordable way to change how they experience life, without using drugs
  • People who like flower essences but don’t like to buy them in the store because they contain alcohol (you can have a choice of 4 preservatives including 3 without alcohol)
  • People who struggle with emotional issues and aren’t getting relief from medications (possibly because they need support for their electrical system instead — which is what flower essences do)
  • People who have pets

Here are some of the “people issues” for which flower essences have proven effective:

  • eating disorders
  • depression
  • anxiety and stress
  • allergies and environmental sensitivities
  • anger
  • fear/panic attacks

I have an extensive repertory of blends I’ve made over the years, and love creating your own personal custom blend for you, too.

Here are some of the “animal issues” for which flower essence are effective:

  • getting along with other animals in the household
  • separation anxiety
  • grief and loss
  • abandonment and abuse, for rescued animals (perfect for shelter adoptions!)
  • skin comfort (for allergies or “hot spots”)
  • Star Struts (for performance animals such as dogs or horses)
  • panic attacks (fear of loud noises, thunderstorms, fireworks)
  • adapting to change (moving households, adding or losing a family member, etc.)
  • claustrophobia (fear of crates or cages, if it needs to be confined)

I hope that gives you a general idea of some of the ways I can help.  I love my work, and I love the wonderful people and animals that come into my life.  It is a deep pleasure to be of service to them all.  If you know someone who could use my services or products, I would be honored for your referrals — and will give them the same respectful loving attention that i give to my current clients and customers.

Let me know if this is enough information for you, or if you need more details on any of the areas I covered.  I want to make this as easy as possible for you to be able to send me JUST the right people who are a great match for my products and services.

So, you tell me:  how did I do?  Leave a comment below.

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