Too many of my clients would prefer to run the other way as soon as they see an obstacle.  At least, that’s how they used to handle it; after working with me for a while, they know  many other ways to deal with anything that shows up as a limitation or obstacle.

Anything living can overcome any obstacle or limitation

Anything living can overcome any obstacle
or limitation

The thing is, what wants to become is stronger than anything that could hold it back.  The “green force that drives the shoot” is alive inside of all of us — waiting to be harnessed and put to work on behalf of your creativity.  (For more on this topic, please visit my home page and download the free book I wrote about The Most Powerful Force in The Universe; just enter your details in the form and you will receive access to it.)

What everyone should understand about limitations are that they are intended to create borders and boundaries, not to prevent you from following dreams and fulfilling your purpose.  They are guideposts, to steer you towards the easier paths to what you want, and to help give you strong and stable structure.  They are most definitely NOT there to thwart you!

Let’s take an obvious example of a person who wants keenly to play professional basketball — but whose standing height is only 5’3″.  Seems like a short person wouldn’t qualify for pro basketball, doesn’t it.  But you’d be wrong.

The league you’d play in would not be the NBA; but you could join a different league for teams and players who are differently-abled.  There are teams of basketball players for people in wheelchairs, and for people without legs.

No earthly reason why someone of short stature couldn’t form a team (or a league, for that matter) if he or she wanted it badly enough.  I have to say, I’ve seen some mighty scrappy and talented high school players who are shorter than average — but whose talent helps take their teams to the state finals every year.

This comes down to “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  But more than that, it comes down to what will you do to get what you want.  Are you going to see it through and have the experience your heart and soul longs for?  Or are you going to quit as soon as the limitation seems overwhelming?

The answer to that question is also the answer to how badly you want to develop your own character — and how strongly you believe in your dreams.  There’s no shame in giving up, so long as that’s not your default answer.

For me and for my clients?  We choose to view limitations as but one factor determining whether or not to go for a dream.   And frankly, limitations are simply an invitation to hone our creativity.

For every serious limitation, there are multiple ways to compensate.  Your task is to discover what they are.

I’d like you to start viewing anything that seems like an obstacle or a limitation differently, too.  Let your intuition and creativity lead you past the illusion, and into the tremendous power of possibility.  I’d start with this question:

“If you were to assume that there IS a way around the limitation and through the obstacle, where might you find it, if you were to look?”

Then follow wherever the answers take you.  I hope your journey is interesting and satisfying when you take the path less traveled — because I assure you, this IS the less-traveled path!

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