Thank you for joining us!

This is where you can take advantage of the limited time offers we are making JUST for listeners of TJ Ryan’s “Out There” podcast.

We want to provide you with the most popular products we offer, so here’s what we worked out for you.  For a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can have your choice of these:


Try a custom blended flower essence formula, prepared JUST for you (or, if you like, you can gift this to a loved one or use it for an animal companion.)  This requires a one-hour consultation by phone (at no cost to you, as I will call you) and a nominal fee to cover the costs of my time with you, and the preparation it usually takes to make your custom blend.

My normal fees are $150 per session (and I may be raising my prices soon.)  This fee covers your first bottle of custom blended flower essences and shipping and handling costs.  If you need refills of your custom blend after you try them, the cost is $35.00 per bottle.   Your custom blended formula normally will last you around 30 days.

But, to introduce you to what flower essences can do for you, your session will be just $99.00 this one time only, and include everything above.  (The refill price will still be the same, if you want one.)

I don’t often lower my prices like this because my time is very valuable, and I probably won’t again, so please ~ if you would like to experience the FULL power of what the flowers can do for you, give yourself or someone you love this blessing now, while it’s still available at this price.

I Want Offer #1 Please


Try a sample of our Organic Liquid Smudge, to remove negative energy, clear your space, and uplift your spirits, FREE!  All you pay is the shipping and handling, for  only $7.95.

I Want Offer #2 Please


Book a flower essence session now and get a personally tailored, custom blended flower essence formula at the one-time reduced price of $99.00, AND a free sample of Organic Liquid Smudge to clear your energy and your space, which we will send out with your custom blended flower essence order at no additional cost.

I Want Offer #3 Please

So, that’s what we have for you today. If you were listening carefully to our show, you know how powerful these tools can be for you and your family or animal companions.  If you are looking for natural ways to solve some of your problems, these are must-have tools, especially if you are super sensitive or just don’t want the expense or downside of what mainstream medicine has to offer.

We’ve considered carefully what we can offer you, that will help you the most, and we believe our offers today will give you the MOST benefit the most quickly.

But remember. . .

I’m not sure how long we can make them available to you, because we have costs to cover, too, like most of you do ~ so please don’t delay.

Order now while you’re thinking about it, so you don’t forget.
I don’t want you to be disappointed if you come back later and these offers are gone!

Of course, you are always welcome to purchase any of the products and services we offer at regular price if you want.  (But why do that, when you can get bargains like this?)

Whatever you decide, I thank you for listening to our interview on TJ’s show.  We hope you’ll stick around and try some of our other products, and join us again if we do more shows on new topics later on.

May you always walk in health and happiness here on this sweet earth!

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