Older Dogs Have Different Needs ~ But They Can Still Enjoy Their Walks With You

Apr 25, 2010 | 30 Day Blog Challenge, Bright Wings articles, Connection, Pets

If you are blessed with the companionship of an older dog, you know what a joy it is to share your life with a being that has acquired some measure of wisdom.  Ours, for example, was always a go-getter; we could never seem to find the “Off Button”.  We used to complain that until she was 4, she couldn’t stay focused on one thought long enough to even make training attempts possible!

Little did we know that aging would slow things down enough that she doesn’t need an Off Button; she’s still as eager as ever to enjoy life, but she takes things a loooooottttt slower than in her frantic “I-gotta-get-every-last-drop-of-life-tasted-immediately” energy that she had as a pup and younger dog.

If you’re thinking about some ways to better enjoy your own older dog, you might like to read my latest Examiner article about exercise with an older dog. They love to be outside, but they have different needs than when they were younger.  (Hey, don’t we all???)

One more thing about older dogs.  Not only are they wiser ~ they are sweeter, too.  That’s an unexpected side benefit.  It’s like all that living they did when they were young mellowed out into some mighty fine energy they are just as eager to share with you, if you’re watching closely.  Please do.  It’s worth it!

Oh.  This is also my pitch for adopting an older dog; they are absolutely wonderful.  More on that topic soon.

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