Notice To All Spam Commenters

Oct 12, 2011 | 30 Day Blog Challenge, Announcements, Bright Wings articles, Connection, Motivation, Writing

Before you post a comment on this blog, you should know the following.

Yes, this is a do-follow blog.  But you already know that, because you found it.  However, what you do NOT know is that unless you follow some simple rules, your comments get deleted rather routinely.  Here is what will assure you that your time and effort are completely useless.  Pay attention if you care whether your post is approved or not!

  • The comments on this blog are moderated.
  • We have a no-spam policy.  That means your comments need to be related to the article content — at the very least.  We have other criteria, too, but that will get your comment read 🙂  (Not automatically approved, however. . . )
  • We also have a social responsibility policy, which means that we do not publish pornography or links to pornographic sites; no hating; and no creepy stuff.  Keep it clean or it goes into the trash.
  • If you are posting something just to get a link back, and for no other reason, don’t bother.  (I can spot the fake email addresses from a mile away, too. . . in case you were wondering.)  And I block ISP’s for repeat offenses.
  • If your comments are off topic for the article, it goes into the trash.  Period.

I am fully aware that people may pay you to post blog comments in hopes of getting back links.  Or maybe you’re an intern hoping to score points.  Sorry but unless your posts have something to do with the content, move elsewhere.  I delete them daily.  The people who are paying you (or who have assigned blog commenting tasks to you) do NOT want you to waste their money (or your time) this way, I assure you.  I would fire you, if you were working for me.  I hope you take the hint.  You wouldn’t last 5 minutes at my company!

P.S. One dead giveaway is the URL to which you want a link back; if it’s a designer piece of clothing, a sports team or some other long-tail keyword you should know that even if your comment is great, I will probably not link back to that site.  Show some respect.  Go find sites that are in the same niches; THAT makes sense.  Sports teams and rock stars are not the focus of this blog — in case you hadn’t noticed yet.

And no I will not tell you which filters and tools and themes I am using; you must think I really AM stupid if you’d even ask.

Flattery will get you nowhere and neither will calling me “bro”.  If you don’t even read my blog deeply enough to figure out which gender I am, you’re in deep trouble already!

Finally, if you’re really into my content, you will follow me for a while and post thoughtful comments or questions.  Those get approved — and earn you a link back to your site (unless it falls into one of the categories above.)  I don’t mean to be hard on the rest of you; I really DO love great comments.  But the junk? Not so much.  In fact I hate it and will not support you doing it.  That’s why I wrote this post.

Now let’s see if any of you actually read it 🙂


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