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May 8, 2022 | Announcements, Bright Wings articles, Connection, Flower Essences, Healing, Resilience

Depending on which source you find, it’s now estimated that between 60 and 75% of Americans have had SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19.)  That would include a mix of those who have been previously vaccinated and those who have not.

Of those who become ill, a certain percent (up to a third of them) will face long-haul symptoms, with few resources available that work.  Until now.  Let me tell you my own story.

I personally believe I was one of the early, undiagnosed ones, after what I then thought was a difficult flu I caught in February 2020 while on vacation and dining in a small restaurant where a woman behind us was coughing and sneezing in very unhealthy ways.

Sure enough, within ten days I too was coughing and sneezing — and had the good sense to stay away from others.  COVID-19 had just barely been discovered and wasn’t yet being discussed widely in the major media, so I had no idea at the time that what I had might have been *it*.  But I had most of the symptoms.

Some months later, convinced that the “bad flu” I had that lingered for almost a month before getting better might have been COVID-19. I took an antibody test to try to find out.  By then, if I had had antibodies to COVID-19 they were not strong enough to show on a blood test.  But I was still convinced, based on the clinical symptoms, that I probably had had it.

As far as long-haul COVID goes, I’m one of the lucky ones.  I got better.  Slowly, yes, but within a few months I felt strong and healthy.

And then the vaccines came along.  I didn’t hesitate to take them, especially the new ones with mRNA technology which sounded less risky than the traditional kinds of vaccines (to which I’ve had serious reactions in the past.)

I can honestly say I’m glad I got the vaccine.  Despite the 24-36 hour discomfort afterwards I felt better and more well than I have in years.  Something about the vaccines definitely work for me.

I’ve been sensible in other ways, too — social distancing, hand sanitizing and cleaning surfaces, wearing a mask in public.  Those were the choices I made to keep myself and my family safe, and I don’t regret one thing about that.  I’ve stayed gratefully healthy so far.

But others haven’t been as fortunate.  I know many people in my circle of acquaintance who, many despite having been vaccinated and boosted, still got sick.  And of those, a fair number have been suffering from long haul COVID symptoms.

Once I saw how difficult the recovery can be from this virus, and how few resources seem to be available to help, I decided to do some research to find out if the healing modality I use in my practice (flower essences) has anything that could help.  I was excited to discover there is.

I found flower essences that address each of the worst symptoms of long-haul COVID — in fact all of them except for the loss of taste and smell.

wooden path in forest

For some, the path to recovery is long and hard

While it would have been wonderful if there are flowers that address everything, I’m not too upset about not being able to address that set of symptoms because most survivors report that as their overall health began to return so did the sense of taste and smell; it just takes time.

So I’m going with the idea that these symptoms (loss of taste and smell) will resolve on their own, once the healing process reaches completion.

Several of my clients have tried this formula because they were having long-haul symptoms and couldn’t find anything or anyone to help.  The results have been very positive.

Here’s what one client reported after taking the Long-Haul COVID Recovery Formula for 6 weeks:

*  She’s feeling better all around (though her sense of taste and smell is still impaired.)

* She’s sleeping longer and more soundly. In the past she usually woke up around 4:30 am.  Now she’s sleeping until 6:30 am.

* Her 28-year-old son has commented on how great she’s looking; he’s sensing a more vibrant energy within her.

* In the midst of the usual family crises, she has been able to maintain a sense of inner peace.  She takes time each day to read material that is filled with wisdom, insight and inspiration.

* She sets her intention to create a family culture of cooperation & respect — while recognizing that this is a step-by-step process.

* She’s feeling that the flower essences are definitely helping her heal from her long-haul symptoms; she notices a big difference between before taking them and after.

So for her, the formula has given her the stability not only to heal physically, but to show up in healthy ways for her family too.  That was a bonus.

The other clients who are taking this formula are also reporting that they are feeling much better, too; I’ve requested testimonials and should hear something soon from them.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from the symptoms of long-haul COVID-19 (and especially if there are underlying health issues) this formula can give you the support you need to recover more easily.

Flower essences work to support your bio-electrical system, which gets totally whacked with COVID-19.  No other modality can repair your bio-eloectrical circuits the way flower essences do.  It’s foundational for returning to robust health if you get sick.

Do your body and spirits a favor and get started now to heal.

Order your Long Haul Survivor Formula today for yourself or a loved one

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