Recently I started doing some short guest interviews with Coach Stephanie Wood.

We’re introducing a new series of podcasts that cover whatever is current and relevant in our lives and in the world, so please tune in and follow along.

podcast mic

podcast mic

The first two are now posted online on Stephanie’s podbean account and I’m honored to share them with you today.

Here’s our discussion about how disruptions are opportunities (you’ll enjoy hearing about the 3-minute meltdown. . . )

And here’s the one where we talk about how important it is to tell the truth (even when it’s hard.)  

You’ll recall I shared a blog recently on this topic, too, because it’s so important for us to show up authentically.  Anything less is, well. . . not good enough these days (and I think we all understand that.)  Trick is to DO it!  Listen to this podcast and get some energy to be brave.

And finally, here’s how to reach both Stephanie Wood and me for more:

Stephanie Wood coaches’ women entrepreneurs to integrate better skills and techniques into their business AND to introduce them to better confidence skills.

How? With her Body Knowledge System® and her experiences creating/owning/managing several profitable businesses.


Text: 908-342-1578

Nancy Boyd is the founder of Bright Wings Inc. and The Soul Path Academy:  Soul Mastery in Conscious Evolution.  She serves people who are working to create the kind of world no one needs to recover from and enjoys good food, good books, and good company.

Contact info:  541-357-8375 (virtual phone/text)



Enjoy these episodes and watch for more coming up real soon!



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