Meet Betony, My Sweet Dog

Jun 6, 2010 | 30 Day Blog Challenge, Bright Wings articles, Connection, Inspirations, Pets

One of the ways life is enriched is through our animal companions.  Over the years, there have been many for me, all gone to the Rainbow Bridge now except the latest one, Betony.  I tried to upload a great picture of us last summer at Acadia National Park (enjoying the famous popovers at Jordan Pond), where dogs are welcome ~ but alas the file size is too big and I haven’t yet learned how to resize images so that I can upload them to my blogs yet. (Anyone know a simple online tool I can use, preferably no cost?  Please comment and let me know!)

Instead, let’s see if I can just get one of her by herself.  Ah!  Yes. . . .here you go ===>

Betony at 12 years old, photo by Cindy Read

I don’t know what life used to be like before I had Corgis in it — but I know for sure it was not as much fun as it is WITH one.  They are wicked funny, smart, bossy, and cute — even when they’re getting old, like she is.  We chose her name because betony is an ancient herb that was used to chase away sorrows, and in the Middle Ages was used in many healing potions. For the people of that time,  It was considered more valuable than gold or silver.

Our Betony surely has been that and more for us — healing sorrows, making us laugh, keeping us on our toes because of how scary smart she is, and being the “life of the party” around our neighborhood.   (She has more friends than we do, and we are pretty social people!!!)  We always laugh and wonder “How did we manage to get such a ‘party girl’?”   On the rare occasions she meets someone she doesn’t like, we know that’s a bad sign; she loves everyone!   By this, I mean she practically wiggles out of her skin to meet a new friend (and honestly, she considers everyone she meets her friend — until proven wrong.)  But once she has met you, the next time you’re with her, her exuberant joy is even more boundless; it’s like her little body simply can’t contain all the joy and it has to spill over.

When she was younger, she was an agility nut, full of vigor and energy — always wanting to be first out the door. These days, we find we have to carry her up the steps because the long flight is way too hard for her, but I just figure it’s part of my aerobics routine and helps keep me fit 🙂  It’s the least I can do, considering the many gifts she gives us every day just by being here.  It’s worth every second we have left with her.

Old dogs are the best; they mellow with age.  And even though she might dream about flying through an agility course for a MACH title (which will never happen now) when she wakes up she’s ready for whatever the day holds.  There is a quote floating around (whose author I can never quite pin down) that goes something like this:  “God, please make me the person my dog thinks I am.”  Amen.  Heck, I’d settle for being half the person my DOG is!!

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