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Nancy Boyd

The Soul Path Academy
~ where souls learn to soar

Healer, Author, Leadership Development Coach

“I’m a Soul Mechanic.  My business is Transformation.  I meet you at the soul level, where you tune into the music instead of the noise.”

At the Soul Path Academy, we work with people who want to create the kind of world no one needs to recover from — to develop hidden leadership potential, discover (and create) wonder and beauty, and lead happier, more purposeful lives.

What Is Your Soul Type?  Take the assessment and get a free, comprehensive composite report, so you can be living the life your soul wants for you.

The 4 Currencies of Life:  How to Use What You Have to Get What You Want
The Checkerboard Theory of Time Management:  How to Make Your Life Work Better
From Survivor to Change-Maker:  How Healed Survivors Shape A Better World
Life’s Little Instruction Manual
Living A Soul-Based Life:  How To Upgrade Your Personal Operating System
Unlock Your Inner Strength:  Applying The Law of Assumptions
Flexibility and Resilience:  Strategies For Dealing With Disruptions
The Misadventures Of My Soul:  A Light-hearted Guide to Making Better Decisions
Podcasting In The Age of Uncertainty: How To Thrive In A Changing Landscape

Forthcoming books:
Healing the Wanting:  Making the Shift From Grasping to Gratitude
Tuning Into Stillness: The  Missing Element of Self-Mastery
Starting Points: A Place To Begin
Bring Heaven Home

Leadership Development
Soul Mastery in Conscious Evolution
Intentional Living
From Despair to Repair:  How Healing Transforms Us
Courage to Evolve in a World Trying to Keep Things the Same
Healing From The Soul Out (betrayal, grief, loss, addictions, trauma, PTSD)
How Our Healed Trauma Becomes Our Path to Leadership

Media Channels

Substack:  Soul Mastery Dispatch:  Nurturing The Spirit of Change
YouTube:  The Bright Wings Transformational Show
Instagram:  @bright_wings_inc

A list of questions I like to be asked will be shared with every confirmed booking (live or virtual.)
Free, valuable gifts offered to listeners if requested in advance.


“Nancy is a powerful force!  From the moment we connected, I knew that working with her was going to be different. Being in her space allowed something — once heavily shrouded — to be birthed with such ease that I was left in awe.  It was also amazing to witness how quickly things came together after each session with her.  It truly helps to have someone like Nancy in your corner, someone who’s not about the song ‘n dance and not afraid to say what you need to hear versus feed you a bunch of stuff that lacks nourishment.  I totally recommend her.” — Adonya Wong, Adonya Wong

CONTACT ME:  |  800-914-2975

Nancy Boyd

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