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Nancy Boyd

The Soul Path Academy where souls learn to soar

Soul Whisperer, Author, Coach

“My business is Transformation.  I meet you at the soul level, where you tune into the music instead of the noise. At the Soul Path Academy, we serve the self-growth and self-development community with books, courses, and coaching so that people who want more in their lives discover (and create) wonder and beauty.”

Author of forthcoming books:
Healing the Wanting:  Making the Shift From Grasping to Gratitude
Soul System:  Living A Life of Integrity


Healing from the soul (grief, betrayal, loss, addictions, trauma)

Shifting the paradigm around poverty and victimhood

Tuning into your Soul Path instead of what others want from you

The courage to evolve, in a world invested in keeping things as they are

Using healed trauma as a path to leadership

A list of questions I like to be asked will be provided upon booking live or online speaking engagements.


Nancy Boyd, Soul Whisperer

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