Master the Disruptions In Your Life Like A Ninja

May 4, 2023 | Announcements, Consciousness, Healing, Intentional Living, Life Mastery, Soul Support

Disruptions seem to come out of nowhere, turning your life upside down sometimes.  You can’t stop disruptions from happening (most of the time) but you can learn how to handle them so they don’t wreck your day (or your life.)

If disruptions are throwing a monkey wrench into your routines and plans, I’m going to offer you something you can’t afford to ignore:  a solution.

I’m offering a 90-minute masterclass on Mastering Disruptions:  A Masterclass on Building Self-Mastery and Handling Disruptive Events

Mastering Disruptions

Mastering Disruptions

You will learn:

* How to understand disruptions and self mastery
* How to develop the self awareness you need
* How to manage disruptive emotions
* How to handle disruptive events
* How to build self-mastery

You will get: 

* A toolkit of strategies for handling disruptive events and building self-mastery
* The ability to apply these skills to your personal and professional life
* A checklist for you to use, to better handle the disruptions in your life

All this for just 90 minutes of your time and your presence, and a small investment in your potential success.

It happens Wednesday, May 17th at 12 noon PDT, and lasts 90 minutes.

This masterclass will be interactive, so it’s best if you attend live and be prepared to participate fully, in order to get the most out of it.  (The class will be recorded but if you’re not there live you won’t get the full experience.)

You know you can’t do this alone; you’ve tried and not much is working.  Let me show you the secrets to mastering disruptions like a ninja.  Come join us here!

(P.S.  How do you know this will work for you?  I’m teaching you the same strategies and techniques that work for me, that I learned from 30 years of practice with Tibetan and Native American masters.  I got tired of people complaining to me how hard it is to manage disruptions, when I KNOW I can help.  So here you are.  Sign up today and get your life back on track!

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