Our mission is to assist you in making your personal and professional transformations ~ and your life journey ~ meaningful and fun.

Therefore, we pledge:

  • To come from a Soul-based operating system.
  • To assure you of a clear, easy, fun experience in every contact you have with us.
  • To see in every person the possibility of greatness, whether it expresses as a small seed of Light or as a mighty river of good things.
  • To personally test and use every resource that we recommend, so that we can share with you our honest experience with it.
  • To provide the highest quality transformational services, products, and experiences ~ of our own making and in partnership co-creatively with trusted colleagues.
  • To promote diversity and respect for all human differences, we affirm a non-discrimination policy for our company, and for all our partners and vendors ~ and we encourage our customers to do the same.
  • To respond to your requests in a rapid, sensitive and courteous manner and in such a way that you feel encouraged to return – and to tell a friend (or two).
  • To regularly share a portion of our proceeds, products and services with causes and initiatives that are making the world a better place and that contribute to peace, eco-sustainability, and social justice.
  • We believe that one person can ~ and does ~ make a difference. Therefore, we pledge to make a positive difference for everyone we touch, through our energy, thoughts, words, and actions.
  • This is what Bright Wings, Inc. is all about. Please join us and spread the word.

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