Want to hear a story that will warm your heart?  This one comes to me from my friend Annette Waya Ewing, down in Mississippi.  She wrote to tell me about a miracle that happened for her Mom, who is elderly and nearly blind.  Sometimes, you just know the Angels are working overtime — and that The Universe really does provide, when the heart is ready to receive.

Here’s the story.

“A while back, Mom lost her sweet 18 year old Minxie kitty.  (Mom is 88 and almost blind, lives alone in an apartment with help from people to get her groceries and so forth.)  A few days ago, I asked her if she was ready for another kitty friend.  She said yes, and I started looking online at what was available in her area (she lives in the Midwest and we are in Mississippi.)”

“It looked like every good prospect had already been taken, but there were a handful of cat shelter people looking and holding the intention.  Then last night a friend of my brother (who lives near my Mom) happened to mention seeing a cute kitten in Petsmart that ‘talked’ to her on the weekend, and was feeling really bad that she couldn’t adopt it because it was so sweet.  She didn’t know my Mom wanted a kitty, but Mom got the number and called to make sure the kitty was still available, then sent reiki energy to the kitty and ‘told’ her she would only have one more lonely night in the pet store.”

“As of this morning, Mom has Itty Bitty!  Itty Bitty is a kittenish 14-year-old tuxedo girl, whose family took her to the vet to be euthanized after her elderly owner died.  The vet refused, saying the kitty was too healthy to be put down.  She then went to a foster home and then to Petsmart — and was soon slated to go to research if a home couldn’t be found!  Aiiiieeeee!”

“Anyway, it all fell into place really quickly.  Mom is overjoyed.  She and Itty are getting to know each other and having lots of fun.  Itty said ‘hi’ to me on the phone, and put her paws on Mom’s back when she was eating lunch, then Mom shared lunch with her.  Itty loves Minxie’s old toys and catnip and likes to watch and be with Mom whatever she is doing.  Jim and I express mailed a cat bed to her, as Mom said Itty had one in the sage and seemed to be looking for something to curl up in at home.”
“Itty is perfect for Mom also because she’s black and white, and the contrast helps Mom to see her.  So begins a tale of two old biddies who are buddies — Little Betty Biddy (Mom) and Itty Bitty Biddy.  Ain’t love grand?”
So.   You tell me.  Exactly whose miracle WAS this, anyway????  This one puts a lump in my throat. . .

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