Living A Soul-Based Life

Introducing my newest book ~
Living A Soul-Based Life:  How to Upgrade Your Personal Operating System

Living A Soul-Based Life Book Cover

Living A Soul-Based Life Book Cover

How often do you feel like you’re just listening to the noise of life, when you’d rather tune into the music?

If you’re not “changing the channel” whenever you want to, it might be because no one taught you how to do it.

That’s one of the things you’ll learn in my new book, Living A Soul-Based Life.

This 50-page book shows you how to live a soul-based life, so you can be filled with more meaning, satisfaction, comfort, connection, truth, and happiness.

I start by showing you where you’re not doing the right things to easily and quickly “change the channel” from the noise of life, so you can hear the music that leads you everywhere you want to be.

From there, I take you through a series of simple but powerful exercises that give you the understanding you need to hone in on what really matters to you, and make sure you find your way and stay on track once you know how to get there.

This short book can change everything for you — and lead you to the kind of life you’ve only dreamed about:  filled with meaning, truth, comfort and happiness.  Living in radiance is possible — and in fact PROBABLE — once you know how.

Learn the secrets that have been keeping you from where you long to be.  Get this book — it’s only $24.95 — and start living joyously in every way.

P.S.  This makes a great gift for someone who’s been struggling, or for anyone who wants a better way to live.


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