LiveBlogging: Freestyle Demonstration

Jun 17, 2010 | 30 Day Blog Challenge, Bright Wings articles, Connection, Inspirations, People Doing Good Stuff, Pets

Okay, now things are really rocking and rolling here!   I have to confess I couldn’t stand to sit here and type while the freestyle was going on.  It was just awesome.

First of all, Caryn Tindal of gave us a performance of her 14-year-old disabled Corgi Winston, who is in a cart; he had been her performance partner and the best freestyle dog she has ever had.  They turned the music on.  Dog and handler began to dance.   And the tears began to flow all around the ring.  To say it was beautiful would not do it justice.  Pure poetry and poignance.  Wish you were here!

Caryn Tindal and Winston. Photo by Cindy Read

Caryn then wowed us with performances with two of her other dogs, to different rhythms and beats; another lady showed how to dance slow and sweet with her Pem; and one of our youngest members, Kate Eldredge,  danced with her VXT corgi Flash to an improvised and clever performance.

When I get back home I will post a YouTube video of Winston and Caryn, and by then maybe there will be additional photos of these great freestylers.  (Someone in the audience taped the live performance, but it may take a while to get a copy posted here.  Stay tuned!)

Now back to keep Ms. B. from trying to eat her way out of her soft crate to get at the toys in Bizzy’s empty crate. . . sigh.

Yes in between all this I have sold some products too 🙂

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