Live Blogging: Star Struts for Winners

Jun 18, 2010 | 30 Day Blog Challenge, Bright Wings articles, Connection, Flower Essences, Pets

Oh now I am jazzed!  I am not going to name names — but SOME of the class winners are dogs (and/or bitches) that are using my Star Struts flower essence formula.  Obviously, it’s working for them 🙂

A few of these dogs (or bitches) are outstanding Corgis.  They have great structure,  movement, temperament, and coat.  But several of them just aren’t completely comfortable or happy showing in the ring.  Or they get easily distracted.  That’s where flower essences can really help — and they do.

A few years back someone came to me and said that their extremely promising show dog was having all kinds of trouble in the ring.  It had everything going for it — except for that certain spark that makes heads turn.  They wanted to know if I could help.  I said yes because I already knew at least 2 or 3 flowers that would be great for this — and then I found a few more flowers that made a complete and powerful formula to “put the show” back into a performance animal or show dog (or cat or horse.)  I bottled that up and called it Star Struts.

Today I’ve got some very happy Corgi owners who are using the flower essences.  We’ll see if any of them become champions today — or get a bit further along in their quest for the final points they need.

Hey, you know what?  I bet the Star Struts formula would be good for people too!  Stage fright?  Sales presentations?  Oh yes — this formula will help with all of that.

Oh and my friend Debbie Harper won her class with a bitch she bred from her Australian import — fun!

Meanwhile I gave the Show Chairwomen several doses of Stress Busters; they really needed it!

Bizzy and Betony are thankfully sleeping now. . . I’ll be back after lunch.

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