Live Blogging: Corgi Sweepstakes

Jun 17, 2010 | 30 Day Blog Challenge, Bright Wings articles, Connection, Pets

Here at the dog show, Sweepstakes has just begun.  The 6-9 month puppy class was first, with males going first.  There were only 3 in the first class, and again 3 in the 9-12 month class.  There will no doubt be more in the Open Classes (Pems who have not yet been awarded their championships; more on that in a moment.)  Attendance is a bit low due to the economy (or perhaps this year it’s the conflict with the World Cup.)  Enough people and dogs to have a great time though 🙂

I’m here at the Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club’s annual specialty show, with a booth selling flower essences for animals and Blue Eagle Invocation Liquid Smudge (for the hotel rooms that aren’t as fresh as we’d like them to be — or that have gotten a little funky with 2 people and several dogs in the room for a few days 🙂

But back to the show.  Bizzy just woke up and someone had to take her for a walk (puppies need to “go” after they wake up, usually. . . ) and Ms. B is wondering if I have any more carrot to spare.  (Did I mention she is food-obsessed, like most Corgis?)

Last night we had the Baby Puppy Match (by special permission of the AKC), a pizza party, and Rally Obedience — a fun event with a variety of commands during brief foray into the ring.  (Dogs move with their handler from one short “traffic cone” each with a different command or task to complete.   Beaucoup fun for all!)

Sometime today or tomorrow there will be a demo from one of the top Freestyle performers who works with a Corgi.  (Think: dancing with dogs.  To music.  Yep.  Google Freestyle.  Awesome stuff.)

Uh oh.  Bizzy is chewing on my ear.  Gotta run.  More soon. I need to explain about the championship points thing and how that works.  If I can tear myself away from ms. B. who either wants to meet every single person in this room (and their dog, in that order) or help herself to anything edible.  Or vaguely approximating edible.

A dog has been temporarily abandoned — and howls her protest — while the handler is in the ring with a different dog.  That’s dog show for you. . .   More soon.

A reminder — the pix to follow, probably next week.

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