Anxiety is a horrible feeling that causes the person affected to feel constant worry and dread. This affliction can affect any person but is most common in adolescents and teenagers. It is usually caused by a specific situation but is not limited to it. There are many reasons for this, which includes the changing social landscape that has led to newer concerns and challenges. For example, social media and technology have affected our relationships and expectations.



Dealing with anxiety can be very distressing as it can lead to tension and physical aches that will make everyday life situations challenging to deal with.
As a result, there is a need to cope with anxiety to become more manageable. Sometimes people may even try certain calming herbs, like Chamomile or essential oils of Lavender.  You can also find help with flower essences; this formula specifically helps you find relief from your anxiety.

Many people begin to doubt themselves due to anxiety, but doubt is misplaced. In fact, dealing with anxiety can make people much more resilient in the long run. But how exactly does this happen?

Let’s dive in.

Healing Anxiety Helps You Battle Aging
Too much stress and anxiety can be bad for your body, as it can prevent telomerase in your DNA strands from working correctly. Telomerase prevents mistakes during the DNA replication phase when immune cells are produced. These immune cells help fight viruses and bacteria in your body alongside mutations. Telomerase also prevents cancerous cells that can cause cancer in people during their old age.

However, when you start to control your anxiety, telomerase can add beads back to your cells, reversing the aging process. As a result, dealing with stress will make your body stronger against a variety of health complications and also fight against aging. You will be able to live longer and live a more youthful life.

Healing Anxiety Helps you Adapt To Difficult Situations
Whether you are struggling with anxiety or not, difficult situations are unavoidable. At some point in our life, we will have to face problems where we may have to deal with obstacles or adversity. Such a situation can cause stress, grief, anger and pain, which can affect us psychologically and physically.

In such a case, people who have previously struggled with anxiety will be much more resilient. They will have experienced these negative emotions and can deal with difficult situations stoically. In turn, they will be able to find solutions to the problem due to their resilience.

Healing Anxiety Improves and Strengthens Your Mental Health
Many problems can affect your mental health, causing you to feel distressed and depressed. For example, traumatic experiences in childhood and being bullied can cause debilitating mental health.

However, people who have learned to deal with anxiety may also have to deal with subsequent mental health conditions. As a result, they become resilient to these conditions, which helps strengthen their overall mental health. If a problem does occur, they can resist anxiety leading to better and more stable mental health.

Healing Anxiety Enables You To Adapt To New Environments
One major cause of anxiety tends to be new situations that individuals have to face. This is why teenagers and children struggle with anxiety, as many environments they are introduced to are new to them.

However, people who have begun to deal with stress can quickly adapt to new situations. Such resilience will be incredibly useful in the later stages of life when a person goes through different workplaces, relationships and social situations. Each of these situations presents various anxious emotions that you can get past easily.

In conclusion
Anxiety is an emotion that can be distressing to go through. It causes various mental and physical complications, including stress, pain, depression and trouble breathing. However, once someone learns to deal with it, they will become resilient in many areas of their life.

Coping with anxiety helps counter the effects of aging caused by telomerase in the DNA not working correctly. It also helps to deal with difficult situations and adapt to new environments where a person may face various negative emotions. Finally, coping with anxiety helps strengthen your mental health, enabling you to bypass and resist a number of mental complications.

We hope this article proves insightful and enables you to deal with your anxiety. We recommend talking to a mental health professional if you struggle with anxiety, where you will be able to better deal with these issues and become resilient. Thank you for reading, and good luck!

Guest Author Amelia Gro is a freelance content writer.  She has 5+ years experience in SEO Optimized content writing and loves talking about content creation, SEO and her dog.

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