Being a healed survivor is not about the wounds but the wisdom garnered from them.

Healed Survivor

Healed Survivors Are Becoming the New Leaders

If you’re on such a journey, the Soul Mastery in Conscious Evolution group is where you’ll find camaraderie and support.  Every story within this space is a testament to resilience, perseverance, and transformational leadership.

We come from all kinds of backgrounds:

— Poverty
— Adverse Childhood Events
— Incest
— Adult children of alcoholics
— Survivors of narcissistic parents
— Addictions
— Incest
— Emotional, Physical or Financial Abuse
— Domestic Violence
— Betrayal
— Trauma From Disasters
— Chronic Illness

Some of us have multiple sources of trauma in our backgrounds.  But we all have one thing in common:  We survived, and we have done enormous work on ourselves to heal what went wrong.   The diversity of experiences enriches our dialogues, leading to profound insights and shared growth.  We have so much in common with each other, and so much to share!

What we discover as we share our stories, is that the depth and wealth of our individual and collective wisdom provides a fertile field for leadership.

In fact, WE are the very leaders a weary world most needs right now, because we’ve been battle-tested, we know instinctively what it’s going to take to make things better, and (most importantly of all) we are dedicated to creating the kind of world no one needs to recover from.

If you identify with what we’re doing, you are warmly welcome to join us. 

As a gesture of appreciation for your leadership journey, each new member is presented with From Survivor to Change Maker:  How Wounded Leaders Shape A Better World — a resource to further hone your leadership skills, providing strategies to channel adversity into impactful leadership.

Join us, share your narrative, and be a beacon for others on a similar journey.  We’re waiting to welcome you!  Let’s do this!

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