Every so often, a small group of people come together to make a difference.  And what they imagine becomes real.  And inspires millions.

How about this idea?  What if you could get a bunch of friends together, go to the beach — and not just party down, but make a positive statement for something you believe in — that can change the world?  That’s what Hands Across the Sand is doing.

Things go better when you join hands with a friend. Photo by clintscholz |

It started in Florida ~ but now it’s world wide and open to any person in any country who wants to plan a peaceful event to make a simple statement:  NO to offshore drilling; YES to Clean Energy.  The purpose of the mission is to convince those in power to stop the expansion of offshore drilling and to adopt policies that encourage clean and renewable energy sources.

The next event scheduled is on June 26th at 11 am in your time zone.  Go find a beach (I bet lakes and ponds count too. . . ) and some friends, and get the changes going where you are.  Wouldn’t hurt to let the media know what you’re up to, either.

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