Interactive Resiliency Masterclass Launches in October ’22

Aug 29, 2022 | Announcements, Consciousness, Healing, Inspiration and Action, Lightworkers and Spirituality, Resilience

Something truly exciting is heading your way this fall ~  a new, interactive Resiliency Masterclass, for people who want (and NEED) to master the skills that will take you through whatever Life has in store for you.

Because we’re living through some of the emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually challenging times in history, we instinctively know we need help to survive much of the confusion,chaos, destruction and pain.  And we want to become stronger ~ MUCH stronger ~ in order to stay afloat in a sea of change.

Your survival may depend upon how resilient you are or can become.

Help is here!

Resiliency Masterclass 2022

Resiliency in the Age of Transformation Masterclass

During these four weeks, you will learn to become agile, adept, flexible and resilient in the face of life’s most daunting challenges, including:

— Emergencies of all kinds
— Crises & trauma
— Chaos
— Pandemics
— Global turbulence and unrest
— Economic uncertainty and challenges
— Climate changes and the disasters they bring
— Personal and family health crises
— Accidents and unexpected/unwelcome/traumatic events
— Managing conflicting priorities and frictions
— Managing the stress from any and all combinations of the above

Instead of being so overwhelmed that you can’t respond ~


This 4 Week Masterclass will offer you practical tools, skills and wisdom you need to know how to handle every kind of event you encounter — to survive it and rebound from the traumas.

Starting in October, 2022, we will meet by Zoom for an hour a week, with assignments and homework between sessions.  This Masterclass series will be interactive and experiential.

You will also learn skills that you can use to help others become more resilient, too.

Be prepared to do some deep inner work, to clear away blocks and obstacles that could be keeping you from the resiliency you deserve while you learn new habits, behaviors and strategies for survival and resiliency.

Seats are limited for this Masterclass, so that each participant has the spacious environment it takes to do this kind of deep, transformational work.  I’ll be capping the registrations at only 12 participants, so please register early, to make sure there’s room for you.

Register here

See you in October!


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