Sometimes difficult events in my life (or in the world) take me to a very internal place, where I reflect on my own feelings, thoughts, responses — and consider how I want to show up.

This is one of those times.

I’m not done yet — but one thing I do know. I’m still determined to make things better. Giving up isn’t an option.

Envision Something Better

Envision Something Better

Here are some of the changes in my personal life recently:

— The book I wrote is being edited.  I changed the subtitle to better reveal what the book is about:  Healing The Wanting ~ Resiliency in the Age of Transformation.  I’m still deciding whether to self publish (I have a domain purchased for Bright Wings Press, so I could if I want to)  — or whether to offer it to a mainstream publisher (I have one or two in mind.)

— Because of an ongoing physical challenge with chronic inflammation, under a doctor’s supervision I completely changed how I eat.  It took me a year and two months to do it, but since March I’ve been free from all gluten, dairy, eggs, and sugar.  It’s working!  I am 95% pain free; I have plenty of energy; and so far I’ve lost 20 pounds without even trying (although I’m thrilled about that.)  The food I’m eating is delicious and filling; I’m seldom hungry.  And my body is responding.

It’s not easy.  It takes a LOT of time to plan, and means I cook everything at home; I seldom go to a restaurant because there’s not enough of the food I need there.  Fast food is completely out of the picture.  I have to plan and shop often, so that I have what I need in the house when it comes to meal time.

But it’s all worth it.

— I created a small team to assist me with the creative processes for my business; this is going to be great fun for me and everyone on the team.  I have so many projects ready to take off, I really needed some input to help me decide, and then to build out a plan for it all.  It feels great to ask for — and get — help.  The right kind of help.

Where am I going with this topic?

I think it’s about intention, discipline, values, and action.  At least for me it is.

And because I have been able to accomplish this much, it makes it easier to face all the other challenges that come up, in my own life and in the world.

The world has a lot of problems, to be sure.  Often so many coming at once that it feels overwhelming.

But every problem is nothing more than an opportunity to create something better instead!

Let me repeat that (because it’s important.)

Every problem is nothing more than an opportunity to create something better instead! 

Every time you encounter something that puts you into a tailspin, stop.  Ask yourself this:  “What would I rather be experiencing instead?”

Then stay with whatever comes.  Put your heart and soul into the intention for the preferred experience to manifest.  And it will.  The stronger you hold your vision, the faster it will happen.

That’s not fairy dust.

It’s how The Universe works.  It responds to your deepest desires, free from judgment or fear.

If you want to learn more about this, I’ll be offering some masterclasses later this year.  I’ll share what’s worked for me and countless others.

Until then, here’s a good resource for you.  Check it out and let it lead you forward wherever it is that YOU want to go.

I’m not done yet.  Are you?

Keep going!  The world needs you — and me — and all of us together — to decide what that “something better” is going to look like.

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