You’ve been through the flames.  Name your trial or tribulation, and name your recovery.  If you know what I’m talking about, you’re in my tribe.

Healed Survivor

Healed Survivor

And it’s time to connect.

The book I wrote (Healing The Wanting ~ Resiliency in the Age of Transformation) is in editing right now, and I’m making plans for getting it into print and into your hands early in 2024.

Some members of our tribe could probably have written whole chapters of this book all by yourselves; others of you are going to find relief, comfort, recognition and hope in its pages — and in the community I’m building around it.

While the work continues, I’ll be speaking on podcasts, guest blogs and summits to get the word out.  Hope you’ll be able to catch some of those.  If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll hear about them in time to attend.  (Tip:  visit my About Page to get a free book and be added to my list.)

So let’s take this a little further.

Here’s why resiliency matters — and why it’s so important for our tribe to come together right now.  For one thing, the emerging leaders that the world needs right now. . . are us.  Healed and healing survivors.  Of poverty.  Of abuse.  Of addictions and illness.  Of PTSD.

And why is that so?

Well, for one thing, those of us who have survived horrors understand what it takes.  We know stuff the rest of the world doesn’t — but needs to.

For another thing, we survivors have a grounded idea of how to create solutions, and what a world would look like if we didn’t have to heal from it.

That alone is precious.  It’s the gift our suffering gave us as we healed — to understand the way out and beyond.  To understand what it’s going to take, to actually create a new and better world.

The final reason why I firmly believe that healed and healing survivors are destined to become leaders is that frankly, those who have not been through this kind of pain don’t have a clue how not to cause it.

Those of us who have survived their suffering and have recovered from it are now functioning at a higher level than most of those who have not been so sorely tested.    People who have not been through the fires don’t understand what it takes the way healed survivors do; that’s just a fact.

We are the wounded warriors, who no longer have to fight to prove anything.  We’ve proved to ourselves our worthiness, and have nothing to prove to anyone else.

Together we know how to bind up the wounds, stop the bleeding, and make a world where recovery is not necessary because nothing is broken.  It all works — for everyone.

That’s why I wrote the book.  That’s why I’m building a tribe. That’s why I’ve begun speaking my truth and my message.  And if you are in this tribe, I want you by my side.  I want you in our community.  I want us to connect ~ and begin the great and sacred work we came here to do.

In a perfect world I’d have that space already prepared for our tribe.  But the world is far from perfect — and the space isn’t ready yet.

But that doesn’t have to stop us from connecting.  Until a more robust and safe space is ready (yes I’m working on creating that) I’d love to know who’s with me on this journey.  Get in touch.  Join my mailing list; I read and answer everything.  And let’s begin.

P.S. The next event where I’m speaking is the  Love your Life Summit starting September 19, 2022.  The mission of the summit is Fall In Love With Your Life no matter where you are on this journey.

During the Summit I’ll be speaking on September 20th about how to become more resilient — for yourself, your family, and your community — during chaotic and stressful times.

Get all the details and grab your free ticket here!

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