If it’s not beautiful, don’t engage

Jan 2, 2023 | Bright Wings articles, Connection, Life Mastery

My friend Sarah McCrum recently wrote a lovely article about 2023 being THE year when a beautiful new world begins to take shape and come into our experience.  In fact we are all creating that world together.  Let it emerge in beauty!

One of the thoughts from that article leapt out at me the moment I read it:

Anything less than beautiful

Anything Less Than Beautiful

That’s how I’ve been feeling, too.

I’ve been shedding EVERYTHING that doesn’t align, turning away from all manner of things and people that are simply not wholesome, moving closer to everything lovely and good.  Getting clearer and clearer on who I serve, what I do, how I help and what happens when people work with me.

Towards the end of 2022, it became crystal clear to me (after SO many years of trying to articulate it) that I serve people who are working to create the kind of world no one needs to recover from. 

You’ll be hearing more about that in 2023, because I intend to extend my outreach and collaborate with more people who are highly aligned with my mission and purpose.

Have you been feeling this way too?

If so, you’re right in tune with the energies of 2023!

Keep honing your inner truth and let the beauty bubble up from inside you, in whatever form it wants to take shape.

The world needs you now!

I can’t wait to explore, play, and create with everyone whose mission and purpose aligns with mine!    I’ll be creating opportunities for us to do some amazing things together.

Let’s connect in 2023 and see what we can do when we put our souls into it!


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