One of the attributes that clients consistently tell me they adore about me is that I’m a prolific and hopelessly passionate hunter-gatherer of all kinds of information.  The thing about that is, when a client tells me that they wish or are looking for something, some little device gets triggered in my brain (almost unbeknownst to me) that matches that factoid with what I encounter in my daily or weekly rounds.  Whenever there is a good match (or a close-enough one) an “alert” goes off to tell me that i need to send a URL or phone number or word to the person who needs it — whether I remember they said that or not!

Hunter-Gatherer Tribe, photo by ZoomStudio

I absolutely cannot tell you how this works, beyond what I just said.  I don’t completely understand it myself!   But I know that it’s one of the traits that endears me to friends and clients.

The other side of this, of course. would be if I used that talent to “push” products and services I believe WOULD help someone — if they had not previously expressed any interest whatsoever in it.  For some unknown reason (for which I am continually grateful) — it doesn’t work that way with me.   I draw a blank unless there has been a request “input.”  Mercifully so, I suspect, for all concerned.  Most of all me!

See, this is NOT my mission here, to be an information-matcher.  At least I don’t think it is.  It’s just something I do, that comes naturally to me.  It’s easy, so why not?  Could I build a business model around that?  Oh, probably, if I had the time and inclination — which clearly i don’t.

But I have to warn you — do NOT tell me about things you’re seeking unless you really mean it, because you may just get what you asked for!

Do you know anyone like this?  Or are you a hunter-gatherer too?  Well, …wlcome to a very unusual club! (Wait.  Maybe i could start a membership site for us. . . Oh, right.  That will have to wait until I finish the other 27 things I already started.)

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