This week I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, that once I started doing I now do regularly.  I scheduled a Creativity Day for myself.

What’s that?  What is a creativity day?

Well, it can be whatever I want it to be — it’s creativity day, after all! — but often it’s devoted to the pursuit of one or more of my favorite hobbies.  And it does not involve work (except in emergencies.)

This time, I chose to use the day for two things:

  • organizing my new office space a bit more (believe me, THAT is a creative activity!!)
  • working on a sewing project.  (One of my hobbies is making wearable art, and most of those projects take more than one session to complete.  I’m not THAT good at it!)

Something about sewing makes me feel great. Photo by alle12

This idea is something I highly recommend for others.  Guys, you can go into your Man Cave and do stuff.  Gals, you can bake or sew or garden or paint or sing or go to your Woman Cave and do stuff.  Whatever makes your soul sing and refreshes your spirit. set aside a whole day (and protect it!) — for just that.


Because it makes the rest of your day/week/month/life feel absolutely awesome, that’s why.  It’s like a mini-vacation plunked right into the middle of your life somewhere.  When it’s over,  I always go back into my “regularly scheduled program” feeling wonderful, and ready for what I need to do.  Then, I always schedule another Creativity Day for a time down the road, so I have it to look forward to.

Anybody else do this?  If not, why haven’t you?   I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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