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Your Higher Self Knows the Way ~ Let it Guide YOU!

Your Higher Self Knows the Way ~ Let it Guide YOU!

Here are some of the ways we can work together.

NEW~ starting in September, 2015:

Want to learn what is probable, from within all the possibilities that are streaming into your experience?  Find out how here.

Soul Guide Sessions

Do you feel the whisper-soft voice of your soul, calling you higher?

Isn’t it time you know what your SOUL wants for you ~ not your ego, not your family, not your friends ~ and know EXACTLY why you’re here?

Isn’t it time to get answers to the questions that keep you awake at night — questions like:


  • “Am I doing what I’m meant to do, or walking the path of unconscious fear?”
  • “Why do I keep running into (the same old) obstacles?”
  • “Why do I not get the things I want?”

The answer to these ~ and ALL your questions ~ are already there.  They are inside you, in the highest part of you.  Your soul knows these answers, better than anyone else ever will.  Your soul knows the hidden areas of your life that need refining and re-calibration to ensure that you don’t take any more unhelpful roads.  And your soul knows how to get you from wherever you are, to where you long to be.  Fast.

But if you don’t know how to connect with your own soul, to listen and interpret the messages it has for you ~ if the answers to your life aren’t revealing themselves to you clearly, your disappointment may become another barrier keeping you from deep happiness, vitality, satisfying relationships, and prosperous flow.

I can help.

How?  Well, first of all, I’m a Soul Guide, an Adult/Elder Indigo.  I was voted International Coach of the Year in 2009, by a panel of my peers.  At your request, I attune myself to your soul and what it wants for you — truths you have never been able to see for yourself but *need to know* to live the life you were born for.

When you know how your soul is calling you to develop and grow, and what your current or lifelong challenges are all about, you can shift from trying to deal with them at a surface level and get the REAL work done, in alignment with your highest good.

Understanding the Soul’s messages are critical if we are to truly evolve as humans, and to live fully, complete, satisfying lives while we’re here.  You are about to discover what your Soul knows, and receive the messages you’ve been waiting to hear for so long.

If you aren’t hearing the messages, or if you’ve been interpreting them inaccurately, then it’s time to get clear.  Time to ask for help, to get you in direct touch with what your Higher Self, your Soul, wants for you and from you.

Listen, it’s hard to get here to this human body you’re in now.  You had to go through soooooo much!  You know that you’re here for a reason.  Let’s get on with it.  You know you’ve been called to this.  This moment.  Now.

If you could know ~ really KNOW ~ what your soul wants for you and from you, what would that mean for you?  How would it change things?

I know that it’s priceless.  My clients lives are changed forever once they are clear.

So tell me.  What are you waiting for?   Set up your session now.  Get the truth revealed to you by the ONLY one who knows you better than anyone else: your own soul.  Find out what your soul wants from you; how you’re trying to grow and who you’re trying to become (and why); what’s up with all those challenges you’ve been having; and where you will most easily find peace, comfort, beauty, and joy as you continue your journey through this lifetime.

I have a very full schedule, so if you want to book a session, don’t wait.  I cannot guarantee a time slot will be available when you want it.  But I WILL make time for you!

Let’s do this.  Let’s get you in touch with the MOST important information you will ever learn ~ straight from the highest place inside of you.  Let’s hear what your soul wants (in a completely confidential, peaceful, and loving space.)  All sessions are by phone and can be recorded, at your request.

If you’d like to try the process first, you can do that with scheduling a single session.  Or, if you have a lot of questions to clear, you have the option to choose a package of sessions at reduced rates.

You may book your sessions now or use your  multiple sessions at any time in the future.  You may also use packages as gifts for family members or friends; please advise me that you’re gifting your sessions, if you choose this option, so I will know who the recipients are.

Consulting/Idea Generator Sessions

For healers. small businesses, Lightworkers, parents, or teams and organizations.

Idea Generator Mini-Session $125 (30 minutes)
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Idea Generator Full Session $250 (60 minutes)
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Platinum Idea Generator Retainer Package $1000/month (includes as many as-needed sessions as you want, within the schedules I’ve set aside specifically for this work)
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Diamond Idea Generator Retainer Package $5000/month (includes one 3-hour intensive per month and as many as-needed sessions as you wantm within the schedules I’ve set aside specifically for this work)
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Coaching Services and Programs

Monthly Coaching for individuals, families, parents, teams and organizations $500/month
(3 sessions per month + 2 emails per week; 6 month minimum commitment)
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First I have to say, one of the reasons I was drawn to working with Nancy is because I get inspired daily by her “Top of the Day” newsletters that I get via email – I almost feel like she’s sending those message directly to me! However, I have to say that my experience with the single session was even more inspiring. Nancy has this amazing ability to understand what the root of what’s really going on (when sometimes you’re not even sure yourself,) and not only does she share with you her personal and honest insights, but also gives you the tools you need to deal with them in a practical way. I found the overall session extremely helpful as she knew exactly what I needed at this point in time, and it helped so much because in her own unique way she was able to help me open me up and get to the root of the issues I wanted to work on. One more thing that I want to mention, which was very important for me. Nancy, while always remaining professional, made me feel very comfortable and trusting during the session, which in my opinion, is an important aspect when working with anyone on such a personal level.
~ Jodi Proietti

Single Sessions $250 $97.00 Special Offer good until September 3rd, 2012
Purchase as many sessions as you like before that date and you can use them any time in the next six months.
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Get It Done Program $697
A 30 day intensive workshop by phone and email to help you get your priority projects DONE.  Complete.  And as good as you can make it. Limited to 10 people.  If you miss this time slot, or if it fills up before you join, I will open it again after this one is over.
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For available payment options, contact me.

Master Class
A 60-day program to help you train your mind, get razor-sharp focus, and discipline your thoughts.  My clients have been begging for me to do this for years.  It’s finally time.

If you’re interested in this, enter your name and email address below so you can be part of this:


Flower Essence Consulting by Telephone

For humans: $150.00
Your first session is by telephone and takes one hour.  It includes your first round of custom blended flower essences.
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For animals: $75.00
Consultations take half an hour by phone and include the first round of custom blended flower essences.
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If you would like to work with me and don’t see what you wanted here, please contact me.  Let’s discuss your needs and see what we can work out.

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