Hi everyone!

2010 is well underway; we’ve had some super storms and another Super Bowl; there’s a fresh political movement under way (or trying to get started.  Whether it’s going to emerge as a viable third political party or not?  We’ll see.) And those are just a couple of signs that change is afoot.

I know that in my own business, I’ve been planning and preparing for some changes, too.  Some of them are taking root (as in moving my flagship web site — this one — to a blog format.)  I’ve been a bit slow to get started blogging here, though, because so many other things are happening.

I decided that today is the day I make this change.  Here’s my first blog post.  There will be more.

What I’d love is to make this an interactive place.  Much more so than it’s ever been.  I’d love to hear what’s changing for YOU — and how your plans are going, for the ones you want to see in your life and in your world.  (Mine are moving slower than I wanted, in some ways — faster in others.  It’s been interesting to say the least!)

Have you hit the point yet where you’re saying to yourself, “Man, I really have to change something here.”?  Let’s talk about what that means.  That’s exactly where I am too!  And I’m moving on them.  How about you?