Healing The Wanting:  Making the Shift from Grasping to Gratitude, the book I just wrote, is done!  (That’s the current working title.) How do you heal the wanting?  How do you make whole the world you see, when for you something is missing?  That’s what Healing The Wanting is all about.

Along with the book, we’re creating a community space for you to learn, network with others working on their healing, and help to change the world.

It’s been a work-in-progress for at least the last ten years, if not a lifetime ~ so, holding the finished manuscript in my hands is one of those mountaintop thrills you get, like after you’ve completed a marathon, or achieved any huge goal you once thought you never would.

As I write this, I’m nearly done getting the permissions for quotes I’ve used throughout.  I forgot when I started this project how many “moving parts” there are to a book, and what all needs to happen to get it into print.

There are technical details, such as getting permissions for quotes and excerpts; indexing the page references; proofreading and editing; deciding whether to self publish or go for an agent and mainstream publisher; getting a cover made; finding someone to format it for the different versions, and more.

The to-do list nearly scared me off self-publishing, but after considerable thought and discussion with other authors and people who know about the current state of publishing these days, I’ve tentatively decided to self publish first and, once in print see if there is an agent or publisher interested to take it on from there.

The downside of self publishing, of course, is the expense.   But these days, there is a marvelous thing called CrowdFunding — which means that all you folks who kept insisting that you MUST have this book, that it will help millions of people — hey, how about helping me raise the money to get this done?  I’m counting on you!

Meanwhile, if you want to be first to know about the book launch, the new community we are building around it, and more, how about joining our mailing list?  We won’t swamp you with offers or things you don’t care about,  just send you real good info on Healing The Wanting and how you can be part of it.  Join Now and get the inside scoop!

I’ll use this post as a starting point, and keep you updated as we go, including the crowdfunding links when they are ready.  I’ve got some top editors and support team lined up, at the best prices I can get.  I promise to keep the costs as low as possible, and still get a high quality book in your hands (or ebook reader, as the case may be.)

Here is the page we will be using for the launch, once everything is in place and ready to you.   Feel free to check back often.  Meanwhile please do join our mailing list, so that you get all the updates as they happen and won’t miss the launch or any other goodies.

We have a ways to go, but for sure it’s happening.  I appreciate your interest and support.  For now, thank you for your encouragement!  Let’s do this!

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