Something’s been on my mind.  After some quiet time pondering it, I knew I need to share it with you.

Here’s what I’m seeing (and this has been getting worse for a long time now):

Unprocessed Collective Grief

Collective Grief

We Must Process Our Collective Grief

The reasons for all this accumulated grief are widespread, but you can probably guess the main sources,  Here are all the things that come to mind for me:

— 4 years of a seriously dysfunctional government administration under the former President (which produced chaos, division, and disruption) — and for some of us, grieving the loss of regular order and ordinary function we’d come to expect from our leaders (at a minimum)

— Global Pandemic and its lingering effects (economic disruption, lost loved ones, recurring illness, and the ongoing threat despite a vaccine)

— Global rise of autocracy and violence, including an attempted coup on our government on January 6, 2020

— Almost daily mass shootings

— Economic global instability from the COVID years, the effects of which are still being repaired but slowly

— Ruptures in the social order, and anxiety around the extreme political divisions in this country and around the world.

Each of these events have affected us all — as individuals, and as a collective society of humans. 

Add all this up, and man . . . you have a really toxic brew of largely unacknowledged grief and loss, and I don’t say that lightly.

Here’s what I see about this.

Many of us have coped by simply getting through it all.  Putting the next foot forward.  Just doing what has to be done to survive.  We’ve been thrust into survival mode, and not by our own choice.  (Hey, there’s another data point for my case. . . )

Things have been hitting us so hard and so fast, we hardly have time to catch our breath before the next thing comes along.

And then. . . because there have been so many traumas, and so little time to heal and adjust. . . well guess what.  We can add PTSD to the things that ail us — and for good reason.

All the things I listed above have been experienced by many of us (most of us, maybe?) AS trauma.  And for the most part, I don’t think we’ve named it that.

We haven’t told the truth about living through traumatic events, nor have we told ourselves the truth when we imagine we are “OK” despite all of it.  We are most definitely NOT OK and we cannot continue to fool ourselves that we are.

We need to face the truth.

And we need to heal from it.  Urgently.  As individuals, and as a society.  As a world.

THIS is what I’ve been seeing.  And no one else is talking about it!

I mean, it’s staring us in the face — but we can’t see the forest for the trees. Each individual event seems just that — a one-off.  But the stress from each of them accumulates — and creates a forest that we can’t see because we’re only focusing on getting through each event, sequentially.  We’ve been focusing on survival.

My friends, I want us all to take a hard look at what we’ve just been through.  And name it what it is:  TRAUMA.

And I want us to start treating ourselves — and each other  — with the compassion, tenderness, respect, and forgiveness it requires, to recover from the post traumatic stress we have been through — and in some ways still experience.

It’s time to accept that we are a nation of people recovering from PTSD. 

And it’s time to face the fact that we must — we absolutely must — start processing our collective grief, over the individual and collective losses we’ve experienced.

This is what I need to share with you today.  I’ll be talking more about this in the coming days and weeks, and I’ll have several things to share with you that I believe will help.

For starters, I have created an Exclusive December Self Mastery Offer that will give you some of the tools you need to ease the pain.  Find Your Way to Inner Peace Here.

Other tools and resources are coming soon, and I’ll share them as soon as they become available.

Meanwhile, please take this message in.  Take it to heart.  Share it with others.  Talk about it.  And together, let’s begin the long healing process we need to become whole again.

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