Mother’s Day. That’s today.  The 2nd Sunday in May is set aside for us to honor and celebrate mothers.  Whether or not you are a mother, everyone here on the planet HAS one 🙂   The idea of parenting, nurturing, and what it means to be a mother, is one that has universal elements; the world over, all humans (and all mammals, really) are born into life courtesy of a being who helped shape their very physical presence here in this life.

Often today is a day when you give your mom a gift; if you do, I hope you make it something she can use — and something that’s ecofriendly.  (Here are some ideas about that, if you don’t know where to look:  Green Mother’s Day gifts and, if you want something unusual but special, try these:  more green and nurturing gifts for Mom .)

Regardless of who in your life played the role of nurturer-in-chief, today is a day to remember and thank them.  If those individuals are no longer on this plane, you can remember them and thank them in your heart 🙂

No matter how you grew up, or who raised you, you can still respect those who took care of you, whether or not that was your mom, your dad, a grandparent, someone who adopted you, or another family member.  Whoever it was, out in a LOT of time and care to see that you were able to have a good life, and to grow up healthy and strong.  The people who raised you often had to sacrifice their own time, their own desires, and more times than not, gave up things that were also important to them — all so that you could thrive.

Don;t for a minute think that was easy.  I couldn’t have been. Your mother — or the person or people in your life who served that role — deserve your thanks for being there for you.
Maybe it wasn’t perfect.  Maybe it wasn’t how you wished it could have been.  But I am sure that your mom did the very best she could, sometimes when it wasn;t at all easy for her.

So. . . today I say “Thank you” to all those individuals and family members who helped me get here and become who I am.  I appreciate and love you!  And I say the same to everyone who is making the lives of children and all growing things more beautiful by their care and devotion.  Thank you.

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