If you’ve been feeling a bit lost lately, or wishing you felt more grounded, safe, secure, you’re not alone.  Things have changed.  The energy has shifted.  Again!  We’re in a cycle of rapid change, shift, and transformation.  That can make a person feel very. . . ungrounded.

Energy shifts rapidly now Image by Serp77

Energy shifts rapidly now
Image by Serp77

For one thing, most of us are used to the very word “ground” to mean the earth, the soil upon which we all live and move.  It was (and still is!) our planetary home base.

But the thing is, even the energy of the earth itself is shifting, changing.

When we connect with it, it doesn’t have the same feel, the same sense of comfort and stability upon which we’ve come to rely.  It may be “vibrating” somewhat out of synch or “out of phase” with the rate you are, or vice versa.

Or it may just be very challenging to tune in to where “ground” really is (even though it hasn’t actually “gone anywhere.”)

Yes it’s still here — the ground, the actual earth — but the feeling has changed, because the earth’s energy has shifted, our own energy fields have shifted, and our relationship to all other life forms is shifting rapidly.

Under these new conditions, it’s fairly challenging to feel, well. . . GROUNDED in the same ways.  I think you can’t do it like you used to do.  And this is causing a lot of people problems.

What happens when you attempt to ground into something that is also moving and shifting rapidly?   You feel uneasy.  Unsteady.  Unstable.  Perhaps even unsafe.

But those are just perceptions.  Sensations.

Yes the sensations feel real, and they can be unsettling.  It can feel like you’re trying to stand upright on top of something that keeps moving in unexpected ways, or that you didn’t expect was going to move at all!  Kind of like when there’s an earthquake underneath you, only there isn’t one — it just feels energetically like something you trusted before isn’t the same.  (And you’re right; it isn’t.  Your perceptions, in this case, are accurate.)

But the trick is to notice how the bigger and smaller shifts within you are changing how you relate to and connect with everything else.  That really is key.

You need a way to orient yourself, to recalibrate how you connect.  And you have to keep on doing that, because the changes are still underway ~ and may be doing so for the foreseeable future.

We are all learning how to re-GROUND ourselves into new kinds of connections, and in new ways.  And we’re doing it because we must, not because we wanted that stability, that former certainty, to change.

In the midst of rapid change, it’s normal to reach for something to ground you, to steady you.  But when you can’t do that?  It can feel terrifying.

It’s my guess that a large part of the collective sense of uneasiness we humans may be feeling right now (leaving aside the fact that sometimes events and actions outside us may also provoke a strong desire for safety and stability) is coming from just those very shifts we’re in and have been going through.  It’s not all external; the feelings are arising in greater degree than we may be conscious of, because of our individual and collective knowing that the energies are shifting.

That makes you feel a bit (or a LOT) uneasy.  Add to that any kind of chaotic or scary world events, and you have a prescription for extreme volatility — or an invitation to participate at higher levels than we are ordinarily accustomed.

Just how long has this been going on?  Well. . . a while.  Some say it started before 12/12/12; some think it’s been going on longer than that.

I don’t know for sure, and for the sake of this discussion it doesn’t really matter because we are all facing a need to find new ways to feel grounded, safe, and secure.  And we aren’t finding them easily.  Or at all.

And that urge (and urgency) is feeding into a sense that we have to control something, DO something, start something, stop something.  And we would be wrong on all points about that.

I wanted to contribute the perspective I just shared above as a preface to introducing some solutions.  First of all, it is more important than ever before to truly know yourself, and know how to get quiet inside and center yourself.  Now is the time for you and me and all of us to take whatever time we can to reconnect with Source, and to allow our actions to be guided from a higher perspective than from our small human emotional reactions.  It’s time to grow up, especially in these ways.

Secondly, I want to talk about some solutions.  In my work with the natural world, which goes back more than 4 decades now, I’ve learned a lot of things from Nature.  One of the things I’ve learned is that all of the elements that make up the natural world are also in us:  the fire, the water, the wind, the earth and everything it’s made of, and even the stars.

We are part of it all and it is part of us.  What happens to the macro also happens to the micro; it is one of a whole.  A hologram of connection and meaning.  That’s who we are, at least what our physical bodies are made of.

So.  As the energy shifts throughout the Cosmos (and if you can’t feel that I’m pretty sure you’re not paying attention!) it’s also shifting inside of you.  The pace and power of each shift varies but it’s happening.

Whether it’s comfortable or not isn’t the point; the point is that you have to find ways to deal with it, to roll with it, to allow it and make use of it for your own growth and for the simple sake of your ability to be here completely as a whole person.

Until and unless you can become comfortable with the shifts you feel, you’re vulnerable to the sense of powerlessness — which is nothing but an illusion — and a resulting fear of being out of control.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  But you may need help to see it, to realize it, and to understand how to be with it in new ways that are going to feel a whole lot better.

Flowers In Vibrancy

One of the ways that I contribute to the world is through my co-creative work with flower essences and my connections with the Devic/Natural world.  The flowers, too, are changing — in potency, and in clarity.  I’m discovering (as are the clients with whom I’m working) that the essences made from flowers are increasing in their ability to respond and support us through ALL the shifts we’re in.  It’s noticeable — and sometimes astonishing.

When I truly “got” how much this is happening, I nearly wept.  In one way, it makes total sense.  How could it be otherwise?

In another way, it leaves me in awe.  I feel humbled by the power of Nature to respond and support other life forms with so much benefit ~ to support humans as we encounter new energy patterns that we do not yet understand but so urgently want and need to integrate into our own lifestreams.  That’s what the flowers are sharing with us, most generously.

I am specifically referring now to our ability to navigate rapid change.  To feel grounded and safe no matter how fast the energies are shifting within us and around us.  To ride those waves as if we’d always done it, without getting “sand-pounded” by the swelling surf.

Thanks to the flowers, we can do this.  We can ALL do this!

When I saw how many people are struggling with feeling ungrounded, unsafe, uncertain, and adrift, I turned to the flowers for help.  And I found there what I was seeking.

I made a new flower essence formula that helps you:

— ground into solid earth and substance, regardless of how fast things are shifting or changing

— stay in your heart when you’re pulled away by fear or doubt

— know where Love lives, always

— know that you can take shelter in safe places, when you need to feel safe for a length of time.

And most of all?  It helps you feel safe BEING you, through whatever is going on within you or around you.

I’m calling this formula Trusting the Grid of Love.  It’s what will help you stay connected with Source and to feel grounded and stable through all the energy shifts within you and around you.

You need this!  We ALL need this!

You can purchase it here.

In the near future, I will be adding this new flower essence formula to another product I make that will also help you with the rapidly shifting energy:  Organic Liquid Smudge.  This will be a limited edition, meaning that I’m not planning to make a lot of it, and I will only offer it for a limited time.

This Limited Edition formula is something you can use to remove negative energy around you, to uplift your spirits, and to help you ground into the energies of love and peacefulness, regardless of how chaotic it may feel inside or around you.

For this product, I’ll be adding the new Trusting the Grid of Love grounding flower essences to the new Organic Liquid Smudge, so that you can clear the energy around you and experience more ease and flow throughout the day and night.

This one will help you function at a higher level, wherever you are — and free yourself from the miasmic thought forms of fear and disorientation.  Get clear.  Get this new product here.

Oh and by the way, this formula will work now and through all the shifts that are in process; it shifts WITH you, so you can quickly and easily adjust to the changes as they come.  (I thought you would especially appreciate that feature.)

If you have any questions about this complex post, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.  And please share this with your friends and colleagues and on social media!  Thank you.

Stay safe and stay grounded, so you can help others around you when you are needed.



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