Peace activists have long said “When we make peace more profitable than war, we will have peace.”  That’s easier said than done, of course, but they’re right.  Obscene amounts of money are spent waging wars.  What if all that money were available for other things instead?

That’s where Making Green Profitable comes in 🙂

When it’s more profitable to:

  • use alternative fuels
  • only buy products manufactured from renewable source
  • only buy what was made from fair trade practices
  • eat locally grown food
  • drink fresh water from unpolluted sources

We will find reasons to take sustainable, ecologically sound actions.

Until then we need to push our legislators, corporations, town governments, and state officials to adopt policies and practices (including buying) that support what is healthy and good for BOTH people and planet.

The First Peoples tell us that we should consider the effects of our actions unto 7 generations.  What will be the result of the thing you are about to do right now?  Think first.  Choose wisely.

The worse problems we see, the more motivated we will become to find new solutions.  If we’re lucky, we’ll do that before we have no other choices.  If we start now, in a comprehensive way, we can make Green profitable faster. Let us support those who are taking initiatives in both urban and rural areas.  Our new heroes are the ones already doing something positive for making things both Green and profitable:

  • turning rooftops into gardens for food production and water capture
  • using wind and solar power to put energy back INTO the grid, not take from it
  • creating profitable urban greenhouses that provide healthy food for the homeless (which these days could be almost anyone.)
  • starting entire new industries based on different models of sharing and cooperation vs profit to only a few

Here’s for creating a Green Effect that is unstoppable, profitable — and fun!

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