“Give Light, and People Will Find The Way”

Give Light

Give Light

It’s been several decades ago now since I first heard a song that’s become one of my all-time favorites.

The Magpies (Kim &* Reggie Jackson) were singing it at the Clearwater Coffeehouse one winter weekend.  It touched my heart then and it still does.

I believe it was written by The Magpies and composed by Terry Leonino, based on the writings of Ella Baker for the civil rights movement.

The lyrics say, “Give Light and people will find the way.”

Give Light.  Give Love.  Give Peace.  And the people WILL FIND THE WAY.

It’s a lovely melody and moving message, one that always comes to mind as we remember Dr. Martin Luther King and the work he began before his life was cut short by hatred.

I still believe in Dr. King’s message, and I believe in this song.

Take a moment today to listen — and share.

My work in the world brings individuals and groups through the chaos of confusion into the clarity and power of leadership based in the magic where vision meets reality.  It’s an alchemy of transformative effort and love.

It’s not easy.

Some days I’m tempted to give up — but I never do and I never will.  Because those I am called to serve depend on the gifts I hold for them.  The world needs me and the world needs you. I’m battle tested and ready for what’s coming.

If you’d feel better having someone in your corner who knows how to navigate the kind of changes we’ll be facing this year, book a laser session with me and we’ll cut through the BS and get to the good stuff fast.  “This year is not about being comfortable; it’s about being real.” (quote from The Sky Priestess) I can help you with that.  And it would be my honor to do so.

Thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King, for calling us forward even to this day, this moment in time.  Let’s bring the work together, for the sake of the children and a beautiful, just and peaceful future.

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