For Fun

“This might look like work to you, but I’ve got a secret:
I’m having fun!”

Some things in life are just too much fun to be called “work”. It’s more like play. We do it because it’s fun. That’s what this page is about – some of the things I do “just for fun.”

First of all, I love great organic gourmet foods! I love to eat well, and enjoy the pleasure of really good food, prepared well. In fact, I love it so much, I created a web site all about it!

If you want to find out where to get the BEST and most healthy food, where the nearest farmers market is, where you can order gourmet organic food and get it delivered to your door, find out which chefs come to your home and cook for you, or where to find the ingredients to make a great organic gourmet meal, or how to grow your own delicious organic foods, then you might like to visit my Web Site because all of this is what I dig out for you.

Another hobby of mine is creating wearable art. I’ve made jackets, tote bags, scarves, vests, and other stuff – some of which take me as long as two years and hundreds of hours!

Soon I will get some photos and show you some of the things I’ve made “in my spare time” here on this page.


A young Nancy (and brother Dan) working on early manifestation projects

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